May Must go

18th October 2018 4

Tonight it was business as usual for Mrs May in her real home Brussels. According to Sky News, she was able to forget all about Brexit and the foolish people who voted for it, and sit down for an evening meal along with her fellow European leaders with, among other guests,  the Russian Prime Minister, puppet leader of a country … [Read on]

The Border. Where Irish Eyes are averted

17th October 2018 3

The stage is set for our re-entry to the European Union possibly in the next two weeks.The only difference between our previous full membership and this one negotiated by Mrs May, is that from now on we will be a colony of Brussels with no vote in the Council of Ministers. In addition we will pay Brussels an annual of … [Read on]

Poland; The Country that Britain has twice betrayed

10th October 2018 19

At the recent Conservative Party conference in Britain,Theresa May announced that Poles would not get preferential treatment when it came to apply for work in post Brexit. This means that Somali and Pole, Afghan and Bangladeshi, Mexican and American, will in future stand equal for the purposes of gaining entry to the UK. This is despite the huge contribution to Britain’s economic growth … [Read on]

Conservatives kill off marriage in their pursuit of socialism

6th October 2018 7

Back in 1984, feminist academic and specialist in family studies [sic], Carol Smart outlined her plan to ‘undermine the social and legal need and support for the marriage contract’, and thereby bring about Herbert Marcuse’s socialist dream: ‘the elimination of the monogamic … and patriarchal family’ which stands in the way of Utopia. This year, London has outstripped New York … [Read on]

It’s that Old Diversity Rag !

5th October 2018 2

We should never underestimate the public service value of the BBC’s ‘Question Time’. Last night it excelled itself. The black performance poet George Mpanga, who was on the panel, castigated a young white man in the audience for outrageously suggesting that the UK was one of the ‘least racist societies across Europe’, because he had only recently been stopped and … [Read on]

Is Brexit worth disturbing Lord Rothermere’s supper ?

3rd October 2018 3

Today’s Mail headline savaging Boris Johnson for publicly saying what most Conservatives believe about Brexit is more proof that Brexit has lost one of its most formidable proponents. The appointment of arch-liberal and Remainer Geordie Grieg as Mail editor last month (apparently because Lady Rothermere was tired of being abused over Brexit at dinner parties) was always expected to produce … [Read on]

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