St Joan of Brussels

22nd September 2018 2

Mrs May’s Chequers plan was comprehensively rejected by the EU at Salzburg yesterday evening. They might as well have soaked an effigy of Mrs May in petrol, thrown it on the fire and danced around as it burned, their grotesque cackles and screams piercing the night air. But it seems that Mrs May still has not got the message. Like … [Read on]

The NHS. Robbing the old and the sick

21st September 2018 3

Editorial in the current Autumn edition of the Salisbury Review The NHS can be thought of as a bankrupt insurance company whose directors are resorting to criminal means to stay in business. Founded in 1948, it promised its customers free health care for life in return for obligatory premiums taken from taxes. It began with high hopes. The much-feared doctor’s … [Read on]

Lord Carney of Twaddle

15th September 2018 5

Why do I keep getting confused between Mark Carney and Fred Karno? I think it must be something to do with their shared intellectual incapacity – about which more in a minute. Fred – I mean Mark, I think – has been singing love songs again into the ear of his bosom pal Theresa May. He has just told her … [Read on]

‘Take Novichok bitch, monkey brain, die!’ (Twitter)

14th September 2018 6

It all began with a Twitter discussion about the British bombing of Dresden. The ethics of the attack are now much discussed. I knew it wasn’t going to be an informed debate as one participant had expressed his views with emoji showing several flames; he disapproved of the attack and hated the British. I said it was a good thing … [Read on]

John McDonald’s Soviet farm

13th September 2018 9

“Old Macdonald had a farm, eeh-ei, eeh-ei, O: And on this farm he had some pigs…” The old nursery song needs some rewriting: “John McDonnell will wreck the farm: that’s what you should know. “ Let the farm represent British industry and commerce. The shadow chancellor’s industrial policy, set out in a speech to the TUC on 11th September, told … [Read on]

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