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Theodore Dalrymple is a retired prison doctor and psychiatrist. A highly popular journalist, he writes for The Times, The British Medical Journal,The Observer, Daily Telegraph, Spectator, The Salisbury Review and is contributing editor to the City Journal where he is Dietrich Weismann Fellow. His books include, ‘Life at the Bottom’, ‘Our Culture’, What’s Left of It’ ‘Spoilt Rotten: The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality’ ‘The Worldview that Makes the Underclass’. 'Dalrymple's work,' writes Daniel Hannnan, 'takes pessimism about human nature to a new level....once you get past the initial shock of reading about battered wives, petty crooks and junkies from a non-Left perspective, you find humanity and pathos.'
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Jane Kelly

Jane Kelly worked for the Daily Mail for 15 years as a leading celebrity interviewer. Among her subjects were; Hilary Clinton, Jack Nicholson, Russel Crowe, George Clooney, Michael Portillo, Tony Benn, Jeffrey Archer, Edwina Curry, Scarlett Johansson, Arthur Scargill, Vanessa Redgrave and Elizabeth Taylor. She has written two books; a biography of Colin Farrell, and ‘Inside’ an account of working as a teacher in Wormwood Scrubs Prison, London.

These acerbic, direct, and often funny blogs, reflect Jane’s clear eyed view of our silly, sentimental, shopping obsessed, left wing society as it stumbles toward self annihilation.
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The Salisbury Review Blogs

Thursday 18th of September. Gabriel Hershman describes a Bulgarian housing estate.

A popular English-language memoir of communist-era Bulgaria (not written by me!) was called Street Without a Name*. The book was not a one-off account of a deprived family. This sums up the current living conditions of most Bulgarians who inhabit prefabricated, identikit socialist housing in the suburbs of Sofia and all Bulgarian cities.

Monday 22nd September Theodore Dalrymple. 'Wolves in Green Clothing'

The whirligig of time brings in its revenges. The French newspaper, Libération, recently reported on the ravages wrought by wolves among the sheep-rearers in the remoter regions of France. Wolves are a protected species and may not be killed, whatever damage they do. Urban ecologists love them.

Tuesday 23rd September. Gabriel Hershman. Why is Bulgaria still in the EU with a prison system like Somalia’s?

Bulgaria's institutions still have a communist 'darkness at noon' feel to them. Entry to the EU was definitely premature. Dissecting that word, actually I doubt Bulgaria will ever be 'mature' - at least not in my lifetime.  If I told you that a young Australian was sentenced to 20 years for intervening in a street brawl when a young Roma was being attacked and defending himself from a gang of drunken thugs, you would consider it far-fetched. Yet this is what happened in Bulgaria in 2007. The whole judicial process was blatantly, transparently corrupt.
Wednesday 24th September. Theodore Dalrymple. 'Has Richard Dawkins lost the Mandate of Heaven?'

Waking very early last Friday morning, I went to look on my computer for the results of the Scottish referendum. I turned to the Guardian website, for the irritation it almost always causes me is the best stimulant to true wakefulness, equivalent to three cups of coffee at least.......
Monday 29th September Theodore Dalrymple. ‘I defend your right to freedom of speech but if you open your mouth I will kill you.’

In a recently-published French book about the phenomenon of the reductio ad Hitlerum, the argument used by controversialists that what an opponent says resembles Nazism, or at least is at the beginning of the slippery slope thereto, I read a defence of laws that prohibit certain opinions, for example that the Holocaust or Armenian genocide did not take place, or that whole groups of people have undesirable characteristics that make them undesirable.
Tuesday 30th September Jane Kelly; Time held me green and dying though I sang in my chains like the sea. (Thomas)

First the coincidences, showers of them making me tingle. Today I was even looking in a mirror examining my nose when a voice from the radio started talking about Cyrano de Berjerac. There was a strange sense of time speeding up, and after that came the news of drastic change. Last Tuesday, 23rd, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the same disease which hit me in 2010. A bit of a coincidence there too because we are not genetically connected as I was adopted.

October 1st Jane Kelly; The Islamic Pied Piper in our Universities.

On the Today Programme on R4, 30/9/14 the Prime Minister said that student radicalism (meaning Islamic extremism) has been spreading in our universities and 'even in our prisons.' He sounded very surprised, yet it is easy to see how radical ideas would catch on in a prison, where a lot of disadvantaged, angry people easily form into self-supporting tribes. Surely it is much more surprising that Islam, in all its primitive, anti-democratic, anti-feminist force, could take hold in our leading urban universities, such as UCL?
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