The True Meaning of Parson’s Green

20th September 2017 6

Hitler’s left us no doubt of his intention to conquer Europe when he marched his troops into the Sudetenland in 1939. Similarly the Parson’s Green attack has left us in no doubt of the intention of Isis, to use remote controlled bombs carried by fanatics to bring the capital’s transport system down. Like Hitler, no appeals to conscience, no amount … [Read on]

The BBC has bought a new brand of whitewash

17th September 2017 6

‘As a journalist it’s my responsibility to give people information that is relevant to their lives,’ opined Robert Peston, political editor and presenter on ITV News, speaking on R4, 15th Sept 2017. His sense of duty doesn’t seem to be shared by everyone in his profession. BBC Reporter Lucy Ash presented, ‘The French East End,’ this week without revealing who … [Read on]

The Hunt for The Great White Defendant

16th September 2017 9

On the day of the Parson’s Green terror attack Sadiq Khan, London’s Muslim mayor, suddenly surfaced to accuse the Tories of underfunding the police and thus contributing to the rise in terror attacks in London. Khan, a grey man after Boris Johnson’s spectacular term, has always been keen to put terror attacks on the same footing as muggings, murders, burglary … [Read on]

Pop while you Piss

12th September 2017 2

At Nîmes station, you pay 80 centimes to go to the lavatory (it recently went up from 70 centimes). What do you get for your money? The facilities have recently been refurbished. There is now an automated entrance machine, into which you pay your fee: though the supervising lady is still there, who seems mildly disapproving of the basic human … [Read on]

Another mother’s son

12th September 2017 2

Strangers to nuance with no feeling for or understanding of the past are busy trying to smash historic statues and rip our colourful ancestors down from their plinths, but some of us prefer to think of many people we’d like to put up there. We want more statues to the great and the not so good, to men and women … [Read on]

Comrade Theresa

12th September 2017 4

Someone must have bought Paul Dacre a new alarm clock – one that works. For this morning the Daily Mail is reporting the deputy Labour leader John McDonnell’s call for an insurrection. The word “insurrection” means a violent uprising. But, sometime during Mr Dacre’s protracted sleep, McDonnell had called for the insurrection a long time ago: in fact he issued his bloodcurdling cry … [Read on]

Ship of Fools

11th September 2017 16

“O brave new world that hath such people in it” – The Tempest, William Shakespeare The ancient categories of boys and girls have been abolished and now gender is infinitely malleable. “He” and “she” replaced by the single pronoun “zie.” Any registrar who in conscience refuses to officiate at a homosexual marriage will be dismissed from post. Contraception is free … [Read on]

Is Kim going to retire with a bang ?

11th September 2017 2

This is not the first time an enemy of the West has developed a nuclear bomb, but it is the first time that it could be conceived of only as a last weapon of self defence. Here’s a sobering thought: without a satellite guidance system for his rockets, the most reliable means by which North Korea could hit a foreign … [Read on]

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