Evening all! Actually not at all.

22nd October 2017 4

The other week there was a town meeting at which our local Police and Crime Commissioner spoke. First he explained what he did in return for his £100,000 a year, though I cannot now remember what exactly it was. Did he commission crime? This is a very important role, for what would the army of lawyers we have trained do … [Read on]

Obituary Professor Christie Davies

15th October 2017 0

(Christie Davies was a member of the board of directors of the Salisbury Review and a regular and valued contributor to the magazine for many years. This is an obituary, one of many, from the Magazine Freedom First, India – Editor) I knew Prof. Christie Davies just by his name, as friend of Mr. S. V. Raju and contributor of … [Read on]

British Red Cross thinks its donors are too white

14th October 2017 3

3.9.17. British Red Cross chief Mike Adamson, £170,000 a year, claimed the charity found it difficult to help the victims of the Grenfell Disaster because its staff and volunteers were too white. He did not specify why it was too difficult, (did some of the black victims refuse blankets and tea from white hands?) but then went on to say … [Read on]

Turkish Delight

13th October 2017 1

Waiting for a flight in Istanbul Airport recently, two policemen with a large black muzzled Alsatian dog walked by at a distance of perhaps twenty yards. ‘That dog is useless,’ said a Turk in his mid-twenties sitting next to me. He spoke excellent American-accented English; his baseball cap was pointed backwards as a sign of his liberation. ‘If it had … [Read on]

Rotherham Council – Shortlisted for ‘Best Social Work Employer of the Year.’

11th October 2017 1

The National Federation of Butchers have been awarded this year’s prize for services to vegetarianism. Praising the butchers, the Chair of the Vegetarian Alliance, Ms Flora Vegan-Nutter, said, “We know that butchers are not usually the strictest vegetarians, but the other day I watched a video of a butcher with two sprouts by the side of his T-bone steak. So the … [Read on]

For God’s sake Go!

5th October 2017 8

The fate which befell the writing on the wall behind Theresa May as she made her speech yesterday contained a message. (He that hath ears to hear, let him hear). One of the letters fell off the wall. “It was the “F” that was off. It is a measure of the intellectual feebleness and moral frailty of the Tory hierarchy that … [Read on]

Corbynism – Valve radios for the digital age

30th September 2017 19

It’s countdown to Corbyn. We shall not be kept waiting for long before we find ourselves living – if “living” is the right word here – under the most extreme left wing government Britain has ever seen. Corbyn’s plans make Michael Foot’s 1983 manifesto – called at the time “the longest suicide note in history” – read like a discussion paper produced by The Monday … [Read on]

Post Traumatic Feminism Syndrome

29th September 2017 6

I used to enjoy A Good Read on Radio 4 at 11.30pm, lulled to sleep by the soothing tones of Sue McGregor and lately the detached calmness of Harriett Gilbert. But like the BBC’s other surviving review shows, guests are now being culled from the stand up comedy circuit, pop radio stations and The Guardian, people one suspects rarely read … [Read on]

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