Getting rid of women’s studies and other dross

The Post Modern Cult; Eating the hand that feeds it.

 Jordan Peterson  is a foe of Post Marxism, a cult aimed at undermining the linguistic and cultural basis of Western Civilisation. In this video he advocates reducing government financial support to Canadian universities by 25% leaving them to fight it out between themselves who gets what. Courses of no academic value such as women and gender studies, would he suggests, disappear.

However in Britain, where the cult of bogus scholarship is more widespread, it is probable that STEM subjects such as physics and chemistry might be terminated in some of our more academically challenged universities on the grounds that that they are too white and too male.

3 Comments on Getting rid of women’s studies and other dross

  1. left will destroy itself in time as all cults do. Somebody needs to recruit these scientists when they are thrown out though.

  2. Bogus social “science” courses – example: 5 years on LSE course and NO MENTION of Hayek or Von Mises…go figure

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