Christie Davies; We want our country back.

11th July 2017 4

Brexit was a peaceful revolution. The people spoke and the political class together with its values and priorities, beliefs and prejudices, what continentalised left-wing intellectuals would call its Weltanschauung, crumbled. The EU bureaucrats who shared the British intelligentsia’s progressive views lost out to direct democracy. Britain’s dear old peasants had stood up for themselves. That is why Mr Blair is … [Read on]

Why is Wales not like Scotland?

25th September 2016 2

In 1997 the Scots voted in a referendum by a large majority to have a devolved parliament with considerable powers. In the same year a referendum in Wales created a Welsh Assembly with far fewer powers, by a majority of less than 7,000 votes, about a half of one per cent of the votes cast on a low turnout. In … [Read on]