Never mind Welsh Terrorism, think of modern art.

19th June 2017 2

Going to a press showing of John Singer Sargent’s watercolours at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in South London. A terrible schlep in this hot weather and you may wonder why I want to do it. This is the first major showing, eighty of his watercolours, in a hundred years, which is not that surprising; who wants to look at a … [Read on]

Job Specification for a future British Prime Minister

18th June 2017 5

CV: Private or good grammar school. Oxbridge degree in PPE or Classics. The public pretend they don’t approve of this but realise there is no real alternative if they want a bright, well educated leader. Marital Status: Married even if Lesbian, preferably with children. People still expect this as single, childless people are still considered odd. Mental state: Must be … [Read on]

Welcome to Oceania

15th June 2017 2

I have just received a message from a good friend in America: ‘Dear Jane, Our hearts are heavy for your nation.  I realize the fire was not terrorism per se, but it seems that the conflagration was a reflection of another way we are at the mercy of our governments’ poor choices and priorities. No sprinkler system with all that … [Read on]

The Islamic Insurgency; beyond Whitehall’s control

6th June 2017 4

The Islamic insurgency in Britain is now obvious, with fifty crushed by a car on London Bridge or stabbed in their throats in a pub in the Borough market, that being the third attack in three months, it is impossible for anyone to deny it any longer. Five other planned attacks were foiled. The war against us is now so … [Read on]

Girls just wanna have fun!

25th May 2017 4

Out of all the distress and fury from the BBC and social media about the recent attack on Muslims in Manchester, or that is what seems to have happened, one incident stood out for particular recrimination. Some idiot had shouted, ‘When are you going to stop bombing people?’ at a fourteen year old Muslim girl. The tormented teenager, as she … [Read on]

Men Flak; Mansplaining

9th April 2017 4

Men are irritating, that goes without saying. I’m often irked by their unpleasant little ways; on crowded trains the egregious sprawling and spreading of the legs, often clad in shorts. I once asked a young Pole to draw his knees together as he was stealing my space. He looked first amazed then impressed as if he was glad he’d made … [Read on]

Health and Safety

7th April 2017 0

I don’t lead a reckless life these days but I have managed to have a few runs in or perhaps swim ins with the Gods of Health & Safety. I recently got into a swimming pool five minutes before the session started and as a result all swimmers were banned from using the changing room until five minutes before the … [Read on]

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