Poggers, elves and baby Barbara Windsors

8th August 2017 3

On a recent trip to sunny Shropshire it was relaxing to leave behind the London centred, southern bubble of anxiety about tortuous sexual politics, currently flooding our cultural world, led by the National Trust, Tate Modern with its six month long ‘Queer British Art,’ the BBC disporting its TV ‘Queer season,’ which even managed to get into the trenches of … [Read on]

Do male bottoms sell more Fairy liquid than female bottoms ?

23rd July 2017 4

According to the Advertising Standards Authority adverts like this cause harm ? Advert Last summer I met a number of transgendered persons protesting about the old BBC’s warhorse Jenni Murray speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival. They told me that she should not be allowed to speak because in an article in the Sunday Times she’d written that transgendered men were … [Read on]

The Return of Nigel Farage ?

21st July 2017 5

Strolling through Oxford with a friend last June we were suddenly assailed by a fat youth with studs on his face who accused us of ruining his life. It took us a moment to realise he was referring to the result of the referendum the day before. ‘Your generation has destroyed our chances,’ he whinged. ‘You have ruined my life.’ … [Read on]

BBC : Muslims ‘afraid to go out’ for fear of Islamophobics.

12th July 2017 6

This morning, 12/7/17, Martin Bashir the BBC Today programme’s Religious Affairs Correspondent reported that there is increasing fear among British Muslims about ‘Islamaphobic attacks,’ in ‘the light of the recent terrorist attacks.’ That sounded very odd; those terrorist attacks were planned and carried out by British Muslims against the rest of the population. The BBC voice was referring to the … [Read on]

More terrible than drowning; the charge of racism.

3rd July 2017 4

A painting called, ‘The Bathers’ by Sangallo, a pupil of Michelangelo, painted in 1542 is extremely unpleasant but fascinatingly mysterious; it shows a bank of the River Arno crowded with writhing men, struggling in or out of their clothing. The amount of twisting buttocks displayed suggests the artist might have been gay, attracted to the scene for the human anatomy … [Read on]

Some of our Muslims Are Missing

2nd July 2017 3

It’s not just the EDL who have noticed that Muslims do not play a full role in our society. Twenty percent of them have never had a job, while the national average is two percent. Now the government has decided to try to bring them more fully into British life, with the promise of ‘leadership roles.’ A commission called, ‘The … [Read on]

Never mind Welsh Terrorism, think of modern art.

19th June 2017 2

Going to a press showing of John Singer Sargent’s watercolours at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in South London. A terrible schlep in this hot weather and you may wonder why I want to do it. This is the first major showing, eighty of his watercolours, in a hundred years, which is not that surprising; who wants to look at a … [Read on]

Job Specification for a future British Prime Minister

18th June 2017 5

CV: Private or good grammar school. Oxbridge degree in PPE or Classics. The public pretend they don’t approve of this but realise there is no real alternative if they want a bright, well educated leader. Marital Status: Married even if Lesbian, preferably with children. People still expect this as single, childless people are still considered odd. Mental state: Must be … [Read on]

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