Love might overcome hate, but internment feeds it.

28th May 2017 4

There was a preternatural silence in the heart of Manchester when I visited it after the attack. Only those obliged to either to patrol the streets with rifles and riot gear or to man the empty shops had ventured in. ‘Manchester is business as usual’ proclaimed an unnamed suit and tie in a news report. Yet the emptiness I witnessed … [Read on]

Raging Bull versus the Feminazis

1st May 2017 2

In 1987, When Arturo Di Modica forked out $350,000 of his own money to cast and place a statue of a charging bull on Wall Street, he did so as a gift to the people of New York City. Had he known back then that his bronze effigy to the spirit of commerce would one day be transformed into ‘The … [Read on]

Immigrants; Cleaning jobs attract 50 applicants

3rd March 2017 3

The house has been awfully quiet since I sold the TV. When the license renewal letter landed on the doormat, I only had two options available: Either borrow the money, or sell the box and be rid. Ironically, the sale raised just enough money to cover the license itself. In truth, I had been watching it less and less. The … [Read on]

The working classes, a toy for rich feminists to play with.

28th January 2017 7

I’ve trawled through dozens of application forms. Applied for every job that will cover the rent. Graphic designer, illustrator, office sub, kitchen staff, support worker, pot washer, carer, cleaner and orthopaedic shoe maker.  My online sales flat-lined after Christmas. I cannot claim benefits for 5 weeks and therefore not much for me to do other than look for jobs then … [Read on]

Lindsey Dearnley; Brave New Benefits

4th January 2017 12

A few days ago, I came across a Guardian article reporting that areas of Fife and Glasgow may become the first places in Scotland to trial a new Universal Basic Income scheme. Advocates claim the idea is a revolutionary shift in the dynamics of society. By giving unconditional “free money” to every citizen, those struggling around the breadline will be … [Read on]

They don’t served tinned tomatoes at the Groucho Club

19th December 2016 3

Its becoming increasingly rare to find a photo of Jeremy Corbyn that doesn’t have Owen’s boyish face hovering somewhere in the background. 2016 has seen a rise in the media presence of this self-described fourth generation socialist who seems to pop up on Question Time every other week. Learning that Jones, a Guardian journalist, would be giving a talk at a local … [Read on]

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