The earth cries out for the blood of Tory martyrs

22nd June 2018 2

The bad effects of mass immigration and multicultural dreams have been heralded many times and I see no reason to swell things with my own announcement. The stern silencing of those who question the prevailing orthodoxy has also been adequately noted. The question, then, that bedevils me is why native populations everywhere seize the subordination thrust upon them like a … [Read on]

Golden Globes. Nonentities with aligned menstrual cycles.

12th January 2018 4

Well, the #Me Too movement has made Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. It seems the land of the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy Hearings has done it again. And this time the inquisition is better than ever, for in Salem, there was that needling formality of a trial. How dull, when the good lynching spirit, so inextricable part … [Read on]

Mark Mantel; The Smallness of Trump?

15th November 2016 2

Is Mr. Trump great-souled or small? Can he be ruffled by a tweet? Is he subject to the whisperings of an Iago? Does Washington need such an outsider? Might the qualities that make Trump good in business prove a tragic liability in the political world? All the above. Trump is both larger and smaller than most of our recent presidents. … [Read on]

Donald Trump Political Wrecking Ball

14th September 2016 0

One of the first books I ever bought was Trump’s The Art of the Deal. Yes, I readily scorned the stuffy volumes of Balzac’s Human Comedy under my native roof, to go roll in the hay with Trump’s paperback. And what is worse still, a kind of affection lingers in my heart for him, in the same way I can’t … [Read on]