Is there a case to be made for nuclear war?

20th June 2017 3

In the spirit of Jonathan Swift’s ‘Modest Proposal’ is there a good case to be made for nuclear war? There are far too many of us on the planet to allow its survival, and if you think of us as microbes, the world is in need of an antibiotic. It is not a problem of global warming, but the physical … [Read on]

Islamophobia how about Christianophobia?

19th June 2017 2

Should ‘Islamophobia’ be added to the diagnostic handbook of the American College of Psychiatrists? Words ending in the syllables ‘phobia’ or ‘phobic’ indicate an irrational fear over which patients have no control. This of course is how an increasingly radicalised BBC wishes the population to view anybody who objects to mass Islamic immigration. Medicalising political dissent however can lead to … [Read on]

We will buy your vote

12th June 2017 2

The Tories are going to have to fight a new election sooner or later. Last time Labour increased it’s share with bribes, the Conservatives must do the same. Suggested Tory Bribes. £10 billion for nurses. £10 billion for care workers. Income tax relief for new house buyers under 30. Stamp duty tax exemption for taxpayers over 60 downsizing to a … [Read on]

A Muslim State within Britain?

8th June 2017 1

Now that advanced units of the Muslim Army (ISIS) have successfully probed our defences, there will be more attacks until we offer them territory in the form of land. Some Labour politicians have already suggested we should open back channels to ISIS, (not for land at present) and indeed with the Jihadist’s large standing army in Europe, and its history of increasing military success, as … [Read on]

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