The Book of Jeremy

10th July 2017 0

Many of Jeremy Corbyn’s followers believe he shares the same magical powers as Jesus who at the Feast at Canna turned a deficit of wine into a surplus at no cost. We just need to give Jeremy a chance with our votes. He has promised to abolish all £100 billion of student debt now and from the past at no … [Read on]

Getting rid of women’s studies and other dross

6th July 2017 2

 Jordan Peterson  is a foe of Post Marxism, a cult aimed at undermining the linguistic and cultural basis of Western Civilisation. In this video he advocates reducing government financial support to Canadian universities by 25% leaving them to fight it out between themselves who gets what. Courses of no academic value such as women and gender studies, would he suggests, … [Read on]

Lying snug in bed while children drown

5th July 2017 5

Since the 1st of January just under a third of a million migrants have landed in Europe from Libya. Nearly a thousand have drowned. It would be simple enough to stop this by picking the migrants up just off the coast and returning them to Libya to an onshore enclave defended by western troops. From there military transport aircraft would … [Read on]

Britain is being waterboarded by EU negotiators

25th June 2017 3

Brussels has absolutely no intention of letting Britain leave the EU. Negotiating with their officials is pointless, because without a substantial majority in parliament Theresa May has no negotiating position. This was demonstrated by the cool reaction by European leaders to her generous proposals on the rights of EU citizens in Britain. Only complete capitulation on the absolute right of … [Read on]

Is there a case to be made for nuclear war?

20th June 2017 6

In the spirit of Jonathan Swift’s ‘Modest Proposal’ is there a good case to be made for nuclear war? There are far too many of us on the planet to allow its survival, and if you think of us as microbes, the world is in need of an antibiotic. It is not a problem of global warming, but the physical … [Read on]

Islamophobia how about Christianophobia?

19th June 2017 3

Should ‘Islamophobia’ be added to the diagnostic handbook of the American College of Psychiatrists? Words ending in the syllables ‘phobia’ or ‘phobic’ indicate an irrational fear over which patients have no control. This of course is how an increasingly radicalised BBC wishes the population to view anybody who objects to mass Islamic immigration. Medicalising political dissent however can lead to … [Read on]

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