Are there permissible limits to freedom of expression ?

4th November 2018 4

European institutions contain traitors and enemies of our historic jurisprudence and of our traditional way of life over the centuries. For example, at the end of October 2018 the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that “Defaming the Prophet Mohammed goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate and could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious … [Read on]

And the word was made drivel…

27th October 2018 15

One of the church’s foundation texts is “And the Word was made flesh” (John 1:14). It refers of course to the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Words have long been the speciality of English Christian writers from Miles Coverdale and Thomas Cranmer to G.K. Chesterton and T.S. Eliot. But something called the Church of England Media Centre has just … [Read on]

B.Sc Street Walking (Hons)

2nd October 2018 3

The BBC has two stories this week: the first of these is in the form of a question, and the second is the answer to that question – only the BBC is too dim to notice. The question is: “Now that young people are drinking less, what do they find to do to amuse themselves in freshers’ week – and … [Read on]

St Obama; the sub prime crash and the Corbyn Armageddon

28th September 2018 0

You don’t need to be a fully-paid-up conspiracy theorist to notice the sustained press campaign against President Trump. They are all at it – with one or two honourable exceptions they all name Trump as a disaster. Often the lies and calumnies of the press are beyond breath-taking. Recently, for example, the BBC announced that Trump had “threatened war on … [Read on]

Lord Carney of Twaddle

15th September 2018 5

Why do I keep getting confused between Mark Carney and Fred Karno? I think it must be something to do with their shared intellectual incapacity – about which more in a minute. Fred – I mean Mark, I think – has been singing love songs again into the ear of his bosom pal Theresa May. He has just told her … [Read on]

John McDonald’s Soviet farm

13th September 2018 9

“Old Macdonald had a farm, eeh-ei, eeh-ei, O: And on this farm he had some pigs…” The old nursery song needs some rewriting: “John McDonnell will wreck the farm: that’s what you should know. “ Let the farm represent British industry and commerce. The shadow chancellor’s industrial policy, set out in a speech to the TUC on 11th September, told … [Read on]

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