The Jack Tars of the Royal Navy and the abolition of slavery

5th January 2018 43

Professor Nigel Biggar, Regius professor of theology at Christ Church, was branded a racist, and bigot by an anti-racist group in Oxford, for daring to question the cultural orthodoxy in academia, with regard to colonialism and the British empire. All he said was that society should take a more nuanced view of the empire, and consider its pros and cons. … [Read on]

Is Kim going to retire with a bang ?

11th September 2017 2

This is not the first time an enemy of the West has developed a nuclear bomb, but it is the first time that it could be conceived of only as a last weapon of self defence. Here’s a sobering thought: without a satellite guidance system for his rockets, the most reliable means by which North Korea could hit a foreign … [Read on]