We will buy your vote

12th June 2017 2

The Tories are going to have to fight a new election sooner or later. Last time Labour increased it’s share with bribes, the Conservatives must do the same. Suggested Tory Bribes. £10 billion for nurses. £10 billion for care workers. Income tax relief for new house buyers under 30. Stamp duty tax exemption for taxpayers over 60 downsizing to a … [Read on]

Why did Jeremy win?

12th June 2017 13

How can we account for Jeremy Corbyn’s success in the general election? It’s education – stupid! The Jesuits used to say, “Give me a child until he’s seven and I will show you the man.” With socialism  it takes a little longer: “Give me fifty years of comprehensive education and I will show you a nation of idiots.” The Department of … [Read on]

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

11th June 2017 3

The Spectator magazine published an article recently by liberal journalist Alex Massie, in which he said horrible right-wing xenophobes only pretended to love their country, when in actual fact they loathed everything ‘progressive’ about it. There is much to dislike about our modern, dumbed down, propagandised culture but I think Mr Massie is quite wrong about the purported hatred of … [Read on]

Put May over the side

9th June 2017 8

How bad do you have to be to get scuppered by Jeremy Corbyn? You have to be very bad indeed – as bad as Theresa May, in fact. There was no need for her to call this general election, as she had a working majority with three years to run. She called it because she regarded Corbyn as utterly unelectable, which … [Read on]

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