Greed über Alles – London’s web cabs are above the law.

28th September 2017 7

‘They won’t be able to stop them now,’ said my London cabby wistfully. He was talking about Uber, the black-cab man’s nightmare. I was on my way to an art class in Chelsea. Many of the younger students had arrived by using Uber, and although the London mayor Sadiq Khan says he will not renew their five year licence on … [Read on]

Church of Clowns

28th September 2017 7

When I fancy a bit of excitement, which even at my ripe age I’m pleased to say is every day, I turn to the Church of England’s official website. Of course, the C. of E. being a dynamic, thrusting and very much up with the latest outfit, this is not called anything so dreary as Official Website: no, it’s called … [Read on]

The Health and Safety (of murderous criminals) Police

27th September 2017 5

This was recently posted (two weeks ago) on a London neighbourhood web site. ‘This afternoon in Chelsea, my husband and I were assaulted by these two men. They threatened our 10 months old baby girl with a huge knife. Seconds later we handed them all our valuables and they left on their motorcycle. The Metropolitan Police Service arrived moments later … [Read on]

Does the term ‘Far Right’ mean a return to the gas chambers?

26th September 2017 12

As I understand it, ‘Far Right’ means Nazi. So why do the media, especially the BBC, refer to any party that opposes unlimited immigration as ‘Far Right’? Huge numbers of the German population voted for Alternative for Germany. Does this mean they were voting for the re-opening of the concentration camps, gas chambers, the looting and burning of Jewish shops, … [Read on]

We will fight them with our floral tributes

25th September 2017 5

As a result of last Sunday’s elections, the AFD, the third largest party in Germany, has declared that Muslims are not welcome in that country. Meanwhile in Holland, the second largest party has said the same. Even the most cursory examination of social trends in the European nations helps explain this antipathy. Brussels  has become the jihadist capital of Europe, a city where … [Read on]

Me in a Niqab

25th September 2017 3

You would not normally expect pointed social commentary in cartoon form in the Bahraini English-language daily newspaper, but I was pleasantly surprised to find precisely such a cartoon when, on a recent visit to that small kingdom, I opened the newspaper (the Gulf Daily News). A man at a funeral was taking a selfie with an idiotic smile on his … [Read on]

Corbyn’s Labour Party; so far left it is Far Right ?

24th September 2017 10

After today’s elections it seems likely that the Alternative for Germany party will hold seats in the country’s parliament. The BBC and all our newspapers are appalled. First item on the news this morning the presenter said, “This will be the first time members of the far right have achieved significant political representation since the days of Hitler’s Nazis.” I … [Read on]

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