A Burning Concern

14th January 2019 4

When I moved house in 2014 I was pleased to find a wood-burning stove, a mark of worldly success similar to owning an Aga, endorsed by arbiters of taste such as Lily Allen and Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall. One hundred and eighty thousand people had their chimneys unblocked and stoves installed that year, five times higher than in 2007. Around two hundred … [Read on]

Act II of the Munich Surrender

13th January 2019 4

In his magnificent biography of Churchill, Andrew Roberts tells us that, when speaking of the Tory party – and especially its leaders – the Great Man always referred to them as They or Them. He despised most so-called Tories as irresolute, spineless and feeble: even as traitors. That was true in the 1930s when the party was committed to appeasing … [Read on]

Sajid Javid opens migrant taxi service to Britain?

3rd January 2019 14

It has been at least three months since illegal immigrants began to cross the English Channel in large numbers. The response to this from the political powers that be has been typical and predictable. Liberal leftists and socialists speak of compassion, but are not willing to lift a finger to help them personally. Margaret Thatcher poignantly made the observation that … [Read on]

Pantomime; The terrible lightness of the Graham Norton show.

2nd January 2019 9

Because my wife is French, the televisual backdrop to our New Year’s Eve gatherings is usually the traditional three-hour-long family variety fest presented by Patrick Sébastien on France 2. It is great fun – a succession of acrobats, dancers, singers, knife throwers, magicians and performing dogs interspersed by chat round a table with a succession of studio guests culminating in … [Read on]

Fraser Nelson’s multicultural nightmare

29th December 2018 4

Fraser Nelson’s Christmas message in the Telegraph the other day (‘Despite the Brexit warnings, Britain has never been a better place to live’) showcased everything that is wrong with the modern Conservative party. The good news, we learn, is that Britain is the best place in the world to do business, foreign investment is flooding in, immigrants are being welcomed … [Read on]

Forging the manacles of PC

29th December 2018 7

The home secretary – that interesting man Sajid Javid – recently declared the greatly increased number of immigrants’ boats in the Channel “a major crisis.” Then he took himself off on holiday 6000 miles away, from where he has since had the courtesy to telephone and tell us that he doesn’t intend to deploy patrol boats to deal with this … [Read on]

Why old age pensioners should be forced to pay their BBC TV licence

24th December 2018 4

Britain was riveted on Saturday when mega wealthy David Dimbleby guest-edited the Today programme. Not because, like a previous guest, the crime writer PD James, he wrenched the programme away from its liberal bias, but because of a scrap with a programme stalwart, hugely rich John Humphrys. Trouble started during a discussion on the monarchy. DD: I’m sorry, there was a total sneer … [Read on]

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