It’s not supposed to have a mind of its own.

1st July 2018 1

Why are we negotiating with the EU over Brexit? It’s obvious they are going to turn all our proposals down, and it is obvious that Mrs May – the worst prime Minster we have had for decades – hasn’t got the bottle to pull off a hard Brexit. Instead she will call for a parliamentary vote knowing she will lose. … [Read on]

We have ways of making you think

1st July 2018 16

Astonishingly Margaret Atwood, that great saint of feminism, is facing a social media backlash after calling for due process i.e. normal justice for a former university professor accused of sexual misconduct. In the wake of this she recently asked where a society can go if its legal system is bypassed. What will take its place, who will the new power … [Read on]

What would Enoch have said of modern lies about immigration?

29th June 2018 7

‘Enoch was right’. A remark sometimes made in below-the-line comments on political websites, but never in polite conversation. The phrase, of course, relates to the pariah figure of Enoch Powell and his infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, half a century ago. The event has been marked in mainstream media as a turning point in race relations, with commentators competing for … [Read on]

The ‘N-word.’

23rd June 2018 18

‘To which word are you referring dear?’ asked the elderly lady as she sipped her tea. Her young companion blushed red with embarrassment – or would have if her complexion had been lighter. Well, what was I supposed to write? But in the current climate this is no laughing matter. Netflix has just fired its head of communications, Jonathan Friedland, … [Read on]

The earth cries out for the blood of Tory martyrs

22nd June 2018 2

The bad effects of mass immigration and multicultural dreams have been heralded many times and I see no reason to swell things with my own announcement. The stern silencing of those who question the prevailing orthodoxy has also been adequately noted. The question, then, that bedevils me is why native populations everywhere seize the subordination thrust upon them like a … [Read on]

Editorial current Magazine: Trump the Mexican Border and Windrush

20th June 2018 4

Windrush, coming so conveniently for Labour before the recent council elections, (as I suspect today’s adverse publicity about Trump’s decision to close the Mexico US border to illegal migrants) was a huge lie. None of the six Windrush cases the left initially made such a fuss about were deported, nobody was refused urgent or necessary health care (it cannot be … [Read on]

Biting the hand that feeds you

12th June 2018 14

Author, Kazuo Ishiguro OBE FRSA FRSL, Order of the Rising Sun, Second Class, recent Nobel Prize winner, is now also a knight. ‘When I think back to when I arrived here,’ he told the BBC, ‘it was 1960. I was six years old…’ My hand moved towards the off button as I knew what was coming next; ‘after all the racism I’ve experienced, … [Read on]

Brexit; Mrs May’s Vichy England

12th June 2018 2

Responding to Boris Johnson’s leaked remarks that the UK’s attitude to the Brexit negotiations was gutless, Mrs May, speaking at the G7 summit in Canada, insisted that she also has ‘strong views on Brexit’. ‘That’s why’, she went on, ‘I’m getting on with delivering Brexit’. At the forthcoming summit, she will be ‘pressing’ on our future relationship with the EU. … [Read on]

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