Christie Davies; We want our country back.

11th July 2017 3

Brexit was a peaceful revolution. The people spoke and the political class together with its values and priorities, beliefs and prejudices, what continentalised left-wing intellectuals would call its Weltanschauung, crumbled. The EU bureaucrats who shared the British intelligentsia’s progressive views lost out to direct democracy. Britain’s dear old peasants had stood up for themselves. That is why Mr Blair is … [Read on]

The Book of Jeremy

10th July 2017 0

Many of Jeremy Corbyn’s followers believe he shares the same magical powers as Jesus who at the Feast at Canna turned a deficit of wine into a surplus at no cost. We just need to give Jeremy a chance with our votes. He has promised to abolish all £100 billion of student debt now and from the past at no … [Read on]

Getting rid of women’s studies and other dross

6th July 2017 3

 Jordan Peterson  is a foe of Post Marxism, a cult aimed at undermining the linguistic and cultural basis of Western Civilisation. In this video he advocates reducing government financial support to Canadian universities by 25% leaving them to fight it out between themselves who gets what. Courses of no academic value such as women and gender studies, would he suggests, … [Read on]

Lying snug in bed while children drown

5th July 2017 5

Since the 1st of January just under a third of a million migrants have landed in Europe from Libya. Nearly a thousand have drowned. It would be simple enough to stop this by picking the migrants up just off the coast and returning them to Libya to an onshore enclave defended by western troops. From there military transport aircraft would … [Read on]

Jeremy Corbyn; £1 = €0.34c

4th July 2017 4

Open letter to the Chairman of the Conservative Party… Dear Sir Patrick, Because the life of our nation is now plunged into a greater danger than any we have experienced since the end of the Second World War, I call upon you urgently to summon an extraordinary conference of the party to deal with the undoubted emergency with which we … [Read on]

Into the Abyss

3rd July 2017 4

In so far as I have heroes, one of mine is the late Pierre Ryckmans, better-known as Simon Leys, the great Belgian sinologist who lived more than half of his life in Australia, and retired early from his chair at Sydney University because he said that universities had become mere degree-mills. As a colleague of mine put it with regard … [Read on]

More terrible than drowning; the charge of racism.

3rd July 2017 4

A painting called, ‘The Bathers’ by Sangallo, a pupil of Michelangelo, painted in 1542 is extremely unpleasant but fascinatingly mysterious; it shows a bank of the River Arno crowded with writhing men, struggling in or out of their clothing. The amount of twisting buttocks displayed suggests the artist might have been gay, attracted to the scene for the human anatomy … [Read on]

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