On all fours to ignorance

11th March 2019 9

Social mores have changed radically recently. After being brought up on the residue of Victorian strictness in the 1960s, passing through the coarse freedom of the 1970s, I am now beached and stranded in a new age where I hardly know what to expect or what to say. The old heirachy of deference; policeman, vicar, teacher, parent, child has been … [Read on]

No ‘stebbings’ in Much Middlemarch

10th March 2019 3

We rarely see a policeman in our town until two hours after a crime has been reported, so I was very pleased the other day to see a policeman and woman in the narrow street next to mine. They were peering under a car parked off the road. ‘Good morning,’ I said. ‘Good morning,’ the policeman replied. ‘There’s a rabbit … [Read on]

Mrs May succeeds in chaining us to Brussels forever

9th March 2019 0

With any luck, the House of Commons will vote on Tuesday to reject Mrs May’s appalling withdrawal deal and bring into play votes on ‘no deal’ and extending Article 50 that a desperate May was panicked into promising to prevent mass resignations from her government. The delicious irony is that she will then be forced in person to vote ‘for’ … [Read on]

Stabbings: Silence of the Lambs

7th March 2019 6

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called for a summit on knife crime, involving the leaders of all London’s thirty-two boroughs, senior police officers from seven of the forces most affected by violent crime, members of the criminal justice system and the NHS, to tackle knife crime. Last weekend in Manchester, Yousef Makki, 17, died after being stabbed, while in London, … [Read on]

Government sells the BBC to Brussels

5th March 2019 3

In a supposedly good news article entitled ‘European investment bucks Brexit’, The Telegraph revealed today that all is well with our long-term economic prospects because European investment in Britain has doubled over the past three years. In the past year alone, EU buyers ‘snapped up 533 UK assets through mergers and acquisitions’ including ‘companies, property and stakes in fast-growing firms’ … [Read on]

Animal Rights Human Wrongs

1st March 2019 0

It was late afternoon and once again I sat in the shade of the black trees and watched the crackling autumn leaves. With extraordinary caution I lit a cigarette, hoping no scandal would follow. But soon as I took a few puffs a sour-faced woman wearing tattered pig moccasins perched on a bench directly across, so I reluctantly tossed it … [Read on]

The Marriage of Greed and Power

26th February 2019 2

Careful and sure footed, moving round the hallowed relics, squeezing an elbow here, planting a deft kiss there, ever watchful, ever prudent, alert and ambitious, they were the Eurocrats, and they were waiting; waiting to take their allotted places in the great Palatine chapel. Heavy with scents of candle wax, incense and expectation, borne on eddies of Parisian perfume, the … [Read on]

Let’s all black up

26th February 2019 4

Would you believe it? Here’s a twenty-one-years-old particle physics and cosmology honours graduate who can’t get a job as a police constable – no, not even when his father is a senior officer in the force. Matthew Furlong was described by his interviewing panel for the Cheshire Constabulary as, “Very good. He could not have done any more.” The chairman … [Read on]

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