Mr Corbyn needs your house for his migrants

1st June 2017 2

Under Labour’s plans for a land tax, your property would be assessed on the total amount of land it occupies rather than the value of your house. Sounds innocuous does’t it? Think again. A house worth £250,000 taxed at 1% would attract a bill of £1250 a year. A house worth £500,000 (based on a land value of £300,000 would be billed for … [Read on]

Manchester Police Shock: Mancunians said twice as many horrid things to Muslims than last week.

30th May 2017 4

It’s reassuring to know that Manchester police are on top of their job. They have announced that, since last Monday’s slaughter, the daily tally of “hate crimes” has doubled from 28 to 56. Excuse my ignorance, but I am baffled. What is a “hate crime” and how does it differ from say a “love crime” or an “I’m-not-your-friend-any-more” crime? The police have published details … [Read on]

Love might overcome hate, but internment feeds it.

28th May 2017 4

There was a preternatural silence in the heart of Manchester when I visited it after the attack. Only those obliged to either to patrol the streets with rifles and riot gear or to man the empty shops had ventured in. ‘Manchester is business as usual’ proclaimed an unnamed suit and tie in a news report. Yet the emptiness I witnessed … [Read on]

The Islamic assault on Britain: What a real government would do.

25th May 2017 8

MI5 announced (25.5.17) that they have 3000 potential Islamic bombers under surveillance in the UK. ———– Most are home grown or found among ‘refugees’  the vast majority being false claimants under UK asylum rules, while reinforcements arrive every day hidden in refugee boats. Financing of such groups is achieved via legitimate sources, charities or by money laundering. Measures Seize the Libyan shoreline inland for two miles. Turn all refugees … [Read on]

Why we are losing to jihadists and suicide bombers

25th May 2017 5

Let me try to explain why we are losing to the jihadists and suicide bombers. For 1400 years Islam has made war on the West. Mohammed commanded from the very first that Muslims were to seek conversions at the point of the sword. There are 300 verses in the Koran urging the killing of Jews and Christians wherever these might … [Read on]

Girls just wanna have fun!

25th May 2017 4

Out of all the distress and fury from the BBC and social media about the recent attack on Muslims in Manchester, or that is what seems to have happened, one incident stood out for particular recrimination. Some idiot had shouted, ‘When are you going to stop bombing people?’ at a fourteen year old Muslim girl. The tormented teenager, as she … [Read on]

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