The Left’s Stupidity Information Exchange

4th March 2015 0

On the Radio 4 PM Programme last night I was interested to hear an interview with a whistleblower. He talked at length about what he’d seen as a school teacher in Oxfordshire in 200, where 1400 girls were molested and many raped by Pakistani men, mostly local taxi drivers. I only know that from what I’ve read in the newspapers. … [Read on]

Cavaliers and Roundheads in the sex war

3rd March 2015 0

I took a break for lunch during a recent painting day in our local community centre. A male friend and I repaired to one of the many cafes nearby, where we met an attractive blonde woman also on the course, tucking into her tahini, beetroot and aubergine bake. It all started well, we discussed the morning’s work, commiserated and agreed … [Read on]

Hoist by his own Coathanger

2nd March 2015 0

Living in England Sir Tom Stoppard naturally finds his intellectual prowess is as much a blessing as a curse. This is not a land where overt cleverness has ever been appreciated. In early February the playwright revealed that one of the exasperating parts of his job is being forced to dumb down his jokes so that the modern audience understand … [Read on]

It is unnecessary to do what is unnecessary

2nd March 2015 0

Anyone who writes risks error and should be grateful to editors who point out his errors to him, for it is preferable to be corrected before rather than after publication. American editors are better in this respect than British, perhaps because they are assisted by those lowly creatures unknown in Britain called fact-checkers. They can be irritating or absurd at … [Read on]

The Great Well of Hatred

28th February 2015 0

Whenever I heard managers in the National Health Service speak in their peculiar Brezhnevian jargon, a mixture of moral exaltation and tedious bureaucratese, I used to wonder whether what they said actually corresponded to the thoughts that ran through their heads, or whether they had to translate them into langue de bois. A similar question came to my mind when … [Read on]

Fully in love with easeful Marx

25th February 2015 0

Lessons in politics and economics are never learned, at least not so that they never have to be learned again. But few countries are so impervious to experience as Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world. This gift of God has been turned into a curse; for whenever the price of oil goes up, the government … [Read on]

An Islamic Munich threatens Italy

23rd February 2015 0

I remember when the EU was the EEC and before that just “The Common Market.’ In those days of my youth it was supposed to be just that, a market for trade. Since then it has become a vast legislature, controlling what we buy, sell, eat, drink, and increasingly how we act and think. The Church of England Bishops see … [Read on]

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