The Bishop’s Portakabin

7th March 2013 0

A few days ago I visited what is acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful parish churches in England. I was horrified by what the philistines of the Church of England had done to its interior. I won’t mention which church it was, for it was by no means the first church I had seen so aesthetically vandalised and … [Read on]

Grog Blossoms

7th March 2013 0

Not every painter reputed great pleases me, and among those who do not is Jacob Jordaens (1593 – 1678). There is an exhibition of his work on at the moment the Petit Palais in Paris, and as I left I heard a French woman sigh as she, too, left, ‘That’s enough for me.’ My sentiments exactly. Jordaens is best known … [Read on]

A Fearful Lie

7th March 2013 0

Although I don’t practice medicine any more I still read some of the medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine. A banal sentence in a multi-authored paper in that august publication caught my attention last week: The first and last authors vouch for the accuracy and completeness of the reported data and analyses and for adherence of the … [Read on]

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