***END OF ARTICLE MISSING*** Only Footballers listened to on British TV

30th March 2015 0

Foreigners too often still harbour certain misconceptions about the UK, in particular that the highest standards in broadcasting are always maintained. Perhaps this is an impression dating from the glory days of the BBC. This means new arrivals, as well as accidental visitors to British TV, are taken aback at the shallowness of proceedings, the cheerfully ignorant guests and the … [Read on]

Further Tales from the White Reservation

30th March 2015 0

One of the reasons I recently left London was the fearful over-crowding, buses and tubes packed every day of the week. I don’t vote UKIP but I was also tired of moving in crowds whilst hardly hearing an English voice. Oxford is multi-cultural, but the majority are English. It’s the most expensive town outside the capital with house prices ten … [Read on]

A Marie Antoinette of Greek Debt

29th March 2015 1

The left-wing French newspaper, Libération, recently called the Greek Minister of Finances, Yanis Veroufakis, the pop-star of the left. For me that is hardly a term of approbation, rather the reverse, but the newspaper no doubt thought otherwise. It printed a picture of him, just off his powerful motor cycle, dressed in a leather jacket, T-short and jeans, carrying his … [Read on]

Miliband. A political Mithradetes.

27th March 2015 0

Vilification of Miliband had reached fever pitch. I wouldn’t vote for him under any circumstances but I’ve never been very keen on character assassination. Yet I don’t think even this is the right term. It’s more like the kind of juvenile facial/voice ridicule that you find in the school playground. The hatred, expressed in comments posted to tabloid stories, has … [Read on]

Electroconvulsive therapy by radio

24th March 2015 0

Needing the services of a certain shop last week, I found myself waiting in it for three quarters of an hour. The staff were perfectly pleasant and it was not their fault that I had to wait; but what was nearly intolerable to me (nearly intolerable, because in the end I did tolerate it for the sake of the service … [Read on]

The white tribe turns out for their murderous King

24th March 2015 0

While Channel 4’s coverage of the interment of Richard III certainly did its bit, the subject was given scant attention by BBC TV, presumably because they couldn’t make it multi-cultural enough. Channel 4 had a good go at that too, providing what can best be called an eccentric two night’s viewing. On Saturday we had a weird docu-drama, in which … [Read on]

Refresh your hatred of humanity

21st March 2015 0

If you want to develop or to refresh a hatred of humanity there is no better way, at least in England, that to go litter-picking in an English rural lane. Recently my wife and I have been so horrified by the increase in littering in the beautiful countryside not far from us that we have decided to do a little … [Read on]

21st Century Women: Drivelling professional victims

21st March 2015 0

As I have just moved house I am out and about a lot, joining things all over town; art classes, intervarsity club, walking and swimming clubs, continuing education classes, so I am meeting a fair few people. As I do this in a new town, one thing becomes ominously clear to me, I prefer being with men. In the pub … [Read on]

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