The Greek and Versailles Money go Round

30th June 2015 0

Casting my eye idly over my bookshelves the other day, I picked out The Economic Consequences of the Peace by John Maynard Keynes, his internationally best-selling attack on the Treaty of Versailles, published immediately after his resignation from the British delegation to the Peace Conference in 1919. He predicted it would lead to disaster, and certainly disaster was not long … [Read on]

The BBC converts to Islam

29th June 2015 0

The current ISIS terror attacks abroad, in Tunisia, France and Kuwait are successfully spreading alarm and despondency, not just in beleaguered British people. Haras Rafiq, Managing Director of the Quilliam Foundation, a think tank established and funded to challenge extremism and encourage pluralism, told the Sunday Programme on R4 this week, that he is also having to change his holiday … [Read on]

Thieves are not responsible for their actions?

27th June 2015 0

Every few days when I am in my house in France I receive a telephone call from India claiming to be from the technical department of Microsoft. The first time I received such a call a young woman informed me that my computer was on the verge of implosion and that if I did not follow her instructions, give her … [Read on]

Gay Bulgaria is still living in a Britain of 31 years ago

27th June 2015 0

Organisers of last weekend’s Bulgaria’s Gay Pride rally decided to show a free screening of a rollicking movie called Pride – one that deservedly won widespread praise for its ensemble acting and direction. The film showed how a group of flamboyant London gays and lesbians supported the 1984-5 miners’ strike, winning over homophobic Welsh macho miners in the process. As … [Read on]

Is the Queen A Chrematomaniac?

25th June 2015 0

As a typical English bod my home is my castle, or my little palace. I’m proud of it and keep it cleanish, tidyish and functioning. It’s warm in winter and cool in summer due to my spending quite a lot on my boiler, good radiators, pipes and plumbing. Outside I also take pride in my garden, front and back, spending … [Read on]

Coconut Traitors

24th June 2015 0

The first episode of the BBC documentary series The Met reminded me of my time in Tottenham more than 15 years ago and my relief at having escaped. Mind you, the second episode made me understand the reasoning of a Notting Hill resident who always scarpered at carnival time. The romanticised version may have Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant frollicking … [Read on]

Life under the coming Caliphate

18th June 2015 1

I thought the avocado looked good, and a better price than Tesco so I went into a Muslim owned Green Grocers in the Cowley Road. Inside the dark interior I stood at the counter behind an old Muslim man with a long beard who was having trouble with a credit card machine. I waited patiently puzzling over the shelves of … [Read on]

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