Tiger Mums no take away liberal British education

7th October 2015 0

When I was young I used to be told not to speak to strangers in particular ‘strange men.’ Now for my own safety and that of others, I generally avoid talking to yummie mummies eating non gluten scones in organic coffee shops, and anyone who says they are a school teacher. Sometimes I listen in to the conversation of teachers, … [Read on]

The Acid Thrower’s Assistance Pack

1st October 2015 0

The headline to a story in the Times of 29 September caught my eye: ‘Acid attacker drove 300 miles for revenge but got the wrong man’ Apparently, then, there was a right man to have got with his acid attack. A painter and decorator called David Phillips drove from Cornwall to Sussex and threw acid in the face of a property developer called … [Read on]

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