Kissing the Sword of Islam

30th November 2015 1

Lord Harries, aka Richard Harries, former Bishop of Oxford, suggests that the Koran should be read at the next Coronation. He says this will make Muslims feel “embraced.” Well, you hug who you like, Richard, and I’ll hug who I like. This suggestion is a form of apostasy, a sin not unusual among the modern bishops – for the Coronation … [Read on]

Eton Comprehensive

27th November 2015 0

We can always rely on the Labour party to come up with plenty of creative thinking. Here’s their  latest dollop… Britain’s private schools will lose £700m in tax breaks unless they agree to break down the “corrosive divide of privilege” and do more to help children from state schools, according to Tristram Hunt, shadow education secretary. His logic is impeccable. … [Read on]

Chelsea Marxists keep the faith

27th November 2015 0

There was a tiny feature squeezed up the end of the Today Programme, 24/11/15, not given any space but it managed to be riveting by giving a terrible glimpse into the education now on offer in some of our schools. The question being asked by Today, was one which would drive most intelligent youngsters wild with rage, ‘How can we … [Read on]

How to Dress for the Ghetto

25th November 2015 1

The day before the Swedish coalition government of Social Democrats and Greens announced that it was reversing its refugee policy and closing its borders to all but the minimum numbers of refugees laid down by the European Union, the website of the Guardian newspaper ran a video about the Swedish Democrats, a far-right party growing in support because of its … [Read on]

Train to be an illiterate at a British University

25th November 2015 0

A few days ago I saw a little item in the Guardian newspaper whose size belied its significance. It said that Indian students were increasingly abandoning Britain as a place to study for America: and no one could blame them for doing so. Indeed, in one case I was responsible for this. An Indian friend of mine, and anglophile, asked … [Read on]

How many murderers before you have an ISIS cell?

18th November 2015 0

On my last visit but one to Brussels, my hosts asked me what I would like to see. ‘Molenbeek,’ I replied, for I had heard that much of it was virtually a North African ghetto and I wanted to see it for myself. My hosts were game and took me there. They told me that it was de facto extraterritorial to Belgium and it … [Read on]

Packaged without Care – The Social Workers’ Nightmare

17th November 2015 0

When I moved to Oxford in November last year, it was disappointing to see that the nursing in the big local hospital was no kinder or more attentive than in London. Nursing assistants recruited from agencies still seemed to be doing most of the hands on work. But at least there is a plan in place to tackle the problem … [Read on]

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