REFERENDUM WATCH: The Great Referendum Scam

30th January 2016 0

David Cameron is readying himself for his smoke and mirrors ‘showdown’ with the EU this month, boldly demanding trivial and inconsequential concessions for the UK in a heroic gladiatorial contest that has all the authenticity of a choreographed wrestling match. He will return in anticipatory triumph, all Chamberlainesque, waving a symbolically white piece of paper and declaring that ‘there will … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH: Britain closer to the heart of Europe? More likely to its knees.

14th January 2016 1

2016 is being hyped-up to become a momentous year in British political history, as we head for a decisive ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ referendum vote that will settle once and for all the matter of the UK’s membership of the European Union. This, it is solemnly pronounced, is surely the most important constitutional event for a generation with massive ramifications for … [Read on]

Second Death of Christ? No, of David Bowie.

14th January 2016 0

According to an article in The Guardian, a hole has recently been ripped in the fabric of the universe. Though I am no astrophysicist, this sounded pretty serious, as if we are all about to be annihilated in a hail of antimatter and turned into photons. Even ISIS would be preferable to that. Readers will, I am sure, be relieved … [Read on]

When is rape allowed?

12th January 2016 0

In church on Sunday migrants were mentioned in the prayers and there was a call for the churches in Germany to keep hold of ‘justice.’ All very vague and I didn’t feel that the problems of German women living in a new society were being addressed. In the evening I went to a neighbourhood party. I wasn’t intending to talk … [Read on]

Lock Up Your Daughters

7th January 2016 1

Many ladies of a certain age give up on joining New Year street festivities. The pleasure of being jostled about in a huge melee for hours in the cold palls after about the age of thirty. Many young people love it of course, especially in Germany where ‘Sylvesternacht’ is a huge festival with fireworks. I enjoy it vicariously so my … [Read on]