Jane Kelly; The trouble with girls

28th May 2016 1

This week Harriet Harman MP broke her sulky reproachful silence to come up with remarks about the EU referendum which make a change from the usual bickering; she is worried that women are not getting enough of a say on this important issue. The former Labour leader who has to sit in the Commons watching a much inferior intellect lead … [Read on]

Referendum Watch; Would Britain be better off after Brexit ?

28th May 2016 1

Would Britain be better off outside the EU? In terms of democracy and sovereignty the answer is an incontestable yes. Economically, however, the honest answer is that no one knows for sure. The weight of evidence suggests that it would be. Or, more accurately, could be. Certainly, the [pullquote]The next decade is crucial; the momentum is relentless. The majority of … [Read on]

Jane Kelly; The Reason the Left Abolished History

24th May 2016 5

‘Austria has escaped by a whisker,’ said John Humphrys on the Today Programme 24/5/16 at his unbiased best. He was referring to the defeat of Norbert Hofer of the anti-immigrant, Eurosceptic, Freedom Party in his bid to become Austrian president. The largely ceremonial position went to Alexander Van der Bellen, a retired left wing economics professor backed by the Green … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; Bah Humbug!

23rd May 2016 1

Like vintage wine, high-flown sentiment should be kept for special occasions rather than brought out on every possible occasion, especially when it consists mainly of humbug, as it usually does. We are surrounded by it, in fact, mentally suffocated by it. I picked up a pencil the other day and this is what was inscribed   on it:     About … [Read on]

Jane Kelly; ‘Hail Angelina Jolie, full of dollars, the EU is with you”

22nd May 2016 1

Following Obama’s dire warnings about will happen to the ‘special relationship’ if we leave Europe, Hollywood arrived here this week to reinforce his message. First it was Angelia Jolie, looking increasingly like the Virgin Mary on an Orthodox icon, all ethereal glassy eyes and stricken expression. ‘Isolationism is not strength,’ she warned us. ‘Fragmentation is not the answer. Strength lies in … [Read on]

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