A £10 charge to attend A & E.

26th August 2016 3

I was staggered to learn that only 327,000 people entered Britain last year. Not only are our borders open to all comers but on arrival they find the ground strewn with roses in the form of a free health service, free housing, free education, subsidised travel and virtually no tax. It is not surprising that the NHS is falling apart, … [Read on]

A robbery that went right

25th August 2016 4

I was reading an article in Le Figaro the other day about the case in Texas of Jeffery Wood, a man under sentence of death (for the last twenty years) for having participated in a robbery in the course of which his associate, who entered the store whose safe they intended to rob, shot dead the keeper of the store … [Read on]

Driving in France

17th August 2016 4

While driving in France recently I picked up a young hitch-hiker. I give a lift to young hitch-hikers whenever I can as a symbolic means of thanking all those (most of whom must now, alas, be dead) who gave me a lift all those years ago when I was a young hitch-hiker. [pullquote]Stop Press: Brexit. Experts forecast UK weather will … [Read on]

What Shall We Do About The Caliphettes

17th August 2016 5

Rushanara Ali, from Bangladesh, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow since 2010 has been speaking about Kadiza Sultana, who left London last year, aged sixteen, with two girl friends, to become an ISIS bride in Syria and is now believed to have died in a Russian airstrike. [pullquote]Stop press:British dentists report increase in tooth decay since Brexit. BBC[/pullquote] Like many … [Read on]

House of Lords: Why Pseudo-Lords are pro-EU

17th August 2016 7

Legislative chambers of sage elders are politically unfashionable, though they crop up oddly often in science-fiction films set on other planets. While in galactic fantasy (particularly American galactic fantasy), vaguely imagined senior councils of wise dudes are standard fare, for many of Britain’s proudly bland corporate types the fact their country still has one of these things for real touches … [Read on]

In Britain the dead have the vote

17th August 2016 3

As Anjem Choudary sits in his prison cell awaiting his sentence in September, he has the consolation of knowing that he is not a defeated man. He leaves a personal legacy of death and destruction among the young, and he has the knowledge that his version of Islam has been tolerated if not yet fully embraced by most major institutions … [Read on]

European culture; The Greatest Civilising Force in History

17th August 2016 2

THE UNDERDEVELOPMENT OF EUROPEAN PRIDE The most powerful moral assault on European pride and identity is the idea that Western civilisation achieved its greatness, industrial economic take-off in the eighteenth century, and subsequent mass affluence in the twentieth century, by exploiting and under-developing the rest of the world. This is one of the biggest lies inflicted on millions of European … [Read on]

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