Modern democracy is the tyranny of secular values.

30th September 2016 9

You know how it is when you get a puzzle buzzing in your brain and you can’t rest until, as they say, you’ve got your head round it? I have such a pestering question in my head – it’s been there for the best part of a week: is Christianity compatible with democracy? Usually when I’m bothered by one of … [Read on]

Jeremy Corbyn’s New Britain

29th September 2016 4

Jeremy Corbyn, fresh from his victory being voted in as party leader by his 500,000 mainly young, vociferous, largely female fanship, announced at the Labour Conference in Liverpool today, 28/09/16 his plans on the great migration issue, which he usually doesn’t discuss at all. In his key note speech he said migrants have made ‘an enormous contribution to the UK … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; What’s in a Word?

27th September 2016 0

What’s in a word, and how much can it express? Sometimes quite a lot, if it’s just the right one. The other day I had an example of how much a single well-chosen word can convey. I was at a conference to give a talk; it was held in a hotel in the country, not an old inn or country … [Read on]

Church of England – Latest Delivery of Drivel. Don’t miss out!

27th September 2016 1

The Church of St Jargon & All Gobbledegook – formerly known as the Church of England – is affectionately called “Jarg’s” or “Gob’s” by its devotees. It is “a resource  where exciting things are happening.” Last year, for example, they appointed Mike Eastwood, Liverpool Diocesan Secretary, to the “exciting” two days a week job of Director of the nationwide Reform and Renewal movement, aka “The … [Read on]

Cakes Are All That Count

26th September 2016 3

It’s been a tale of skulduggery, plotting and internecine warfare with the public divided and the press fulminating and censorious. The saga seems never ending and no one comes out of it very well; nothing to do with Tony Blair, David Cameron and his former friends Gove and Boris, or the feuds within the Labour party. This was an early … [Read on]

Why is Wales not like Scotland?

25th September 2016 2

In 1997 the Scots voted in a referendum by a large majority to have a devolved parliament with considerable powers. In the same year a referendum in Wales created a Welsh Assembly with far fewer powers, by a majority of less than 7,000 votes, about a half of one per cent of the votes cast on a low turnout. In … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple. Corbyn’s Labour Party; Freedom of Opinion not welcome here

23rd September 2016 2

There was a time when taking the pledge meant abjuring strong drink, but members of the Labour Party will soon have to take a different pledge: to abjure strong language online. Apparently Labour MPs have been inundated, or whatever the correct term for it is, by abusive electronic messages. One MP alone, Ruth Smeeth, has received 25,000 abusive messages, including … [Read on]

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