Overturning the Religion of the 20th Century

12th January 2017 11

Fred Hoyle, Plumian Professor of Astrophysics and Experimental Philosophy at Cambridge in 1958, and an atheist, made many enemies as a result of his opposition to Darwinism which was the religion of the day. He and his fellow workers William Alfred Fowler and Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar discovered that we are literally made of stardust, that in a process called  (nucleosynthesis)  carbon and the other elements … [Read on]

Not the religion of peace and love…

7th January 2017 7

(Peter Mullen’s answer to Imam Qari Asim’s article in the Yorkshire Post) (“We must all unite…”) stands in need of considerable correction. Indeed, his statements are so at odds with the facts as to be laughable – if only the matters with which he deals were not so perilous. He says, “Muslims are more opposed to terrorism than the population as a … [Read on]

Lindsey Dearnley; Brave New Benefits

4th January 2017 12

A few days ago, I came across a Guardian article reporting that areas of Fife and Glasgow may become the first places in Scotland to trial a new Universal Basic Income scheme. Advocates claim the idea is a revolutionary shift in the dynamics of society. By giving unconditional “free money” to every citizen, those struggling around the breadline will be … [Read on]

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