Jane Kelly: Storm Doris

23rd February 2017 2

We’re British, let’s panic, about everything Today is Doris Day.  A woman called Helen Chivers, not Shivers as she should be, from the Met Office has just been on R4 telling us that giving human names to gusts of wind is a really good thing because  it  makes everyone aware of the dangers of bad weather. We must keep our … [Read on]

The British Museum in 10 years time ?

22nd February 2017 6

Transformers 2016-18 | Museums Association Diversity is a “transitional demand” that covertly places levels of government interference between people. It is the placing of everyone in boxes, viewing people not as individuals with unique attributes, talents and qualities but as types, according to race, sexuality, sexual persuasion, ability and whatever new criteria for identity that has been invented by the … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple: Modernist architecture is inherently totalitarian.

22nd February 2017 4

Modernist architecture is inherently totalitarian: it brooks no other, and indeed delights to overwhelm and humiliate what went before it by size and prepotency, or by garishness and the preposterousness which it takes for originality, and which turns every townscape into the architectural equivalent of a Mickey Finn.   In the Guardian newspaper last week, its architectural correspondent wrote an … [Read on]

Mark Griffith: Draining the Deep State

21st February 2017 0

Rumours that Donald Trump was assisted in last November’s election by Russian hackers have reached frantic levels, and several US intelligence agencies seem to have fallen behind this project. It might be too soon to suggest that an American ‘deep state’ is attempting a slow-motion coup against the flamboyant builder of gold-plated office blocks. Nonetheless, what used to be called … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple: Obedient Servants

21st February 2017 0

A friend of mine, of a profession different from my own, received a letter the other day from his professional licensing authority – that is to say, the authority without whose approval and permission he cannot practise at all. ‘Dear Colleague’ the letter began, all nice, friendly and collegial. By its end, however, it had turned nasty and threatening. It … [Read on]

British Government cowers from the facts about Female Genital Mutilation

20th February 2017 4

In 1994, the UN Conference on Human Rights declared FGM a violation of human rights, urging governments to, ‘prohibit female genital mutilation wherever it exists.’ In response a year later the British government made the practice illegal, seeing it as child abuse. Britain was the first European country to criminalise the custom, but has since done nothing about it. [pullquote]Like an … [Read on]

Dr Donald Trumplove

19th February 2017 6

Donald Trump reminds me of General Ripper in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Dr Strangelove.’ Ripper issues a ‘no recall’ order to the nuclear Boeing B52 bombers under his command at Burpleston Airbase in South Carolina to attack the Russian Nuclear Doomsday machine in Siberia. If attacked the Doomsday machine is wired to unleash 500 nuclear missiles on America, thus ensuring the end of … [Read on]

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