Let us girls raise a glass (or several) to International Women’s Day and pull a stranger

9th March 2017 1

On International Women’s Day the British were regaled with this ‘advance’ in the cause of women’s rights. In rape trials like the one described here a woman can ask to give her evidence from behind a curtain, her name will never be known and had this young man been sent to the nick there is every chance his accuser would be £20,000 better off in damages or criminal injury compensation. [pullquote]As … [Read on]

All the devil has to do to win is to convince us he does not exist

8th March 2017 1

Don’t imagine that we live in a society which has abandoned the Ten Commandments. It’s much worse than that. We have actually kept the Commandments but inverted their teaching. This amounts to practical satanism: we are effectually saying, “Evil be thou my good.” To be specific: God said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Western societies have rewritten … [Read on]

Britain’s Liberal Elite; ‘Whatever you do don’t mention FGM’

5th March 2017 11

In 1994, the UN Conference on Human Rights declared FGM a violation of human rights, urging governments to, ‘prohibit female genital mutilation wherever it exists.’ In response, a year later the British government made the practice illegal, seeing it as child abuse. Britain was the first European country to criminalise the custom, but has since done nothing about it. Girls … [Read on]

How to be a PC creep

5th March 2017 4

There was a time in my life, many years ago, when people were not expected to boast about their accomplishments: indeed, they were expected not to boast about their accomplishments. Self-praise was regarded as no praise; indeed, someone who praised himself was thought to be a bad character. These days, however, boasting and the expression of self-satisfaction are essential to … [Read on]

Immigrants; Cleaning jobs attract 50 applicants

3rd March 2017 3

The house has been awfully quiet since I sold the TV. When the license renewal letter landed on the doormat, I only had two options available: Either borrow the money, or sell the box and be rid. Ironically, the sale raised just enough money to cover the license itself. In truth, I had been watching it less and less. The … [Read on]

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