Trump is lured into support of ISIS.

8th April 2017 11

Whoever mounted the Sarin gas attack in Syria has achieved every single objective ISIS can ever have wished for. Each absolutely contrary to the interests, even the survival of the Assad regime. 1.The Russians have suspended the inter airforce agreement between themselves and the allies, making the danger of a collision between a Russian jet and and an Allied jet so great the Allies will have to suspend … [Read on]

The Rich are Different

7th April 2017 1

We like to imagine that the entire population is deeply attached to the rule of law: in other words, that arbitrary government is alien to rulers and ruled alike, and that retrospective legislation, say, is repugnant to them as a deep matter of principle. But this is not so: most people have at least one subject on which they would … [Read on]

Health and Safety

7th April 2017 0

I don’t lead a reckless life these days but I have managed to have a few runs in or perhaps swim ins with the Gods of Health & Safety. I recently got into a swimming pool five minutes before the session started and as a result all swimmers were banned from using the changing room until five minutes before the … [Read on]

Syria responsible for gas attacks? More knee jerk one sided reporting?

4th April 2017 0

What possible motive would the Syrian Government have for launching a chemical weapons attack on the opposition forces now, when backed by Russia, they have virtually won and talks are in progress? It would only weaken their own position. ISIS on the other hand has every reason to try and blacken the Syrian Government’s name so as put themselves in a stronger position at … [Read on]

The Transgender Crocodile snatches prominent BBC Radio Host

4th April 2017 3

That redoubtable Woman’s Hour warrior Dame Jenni Murray appeared at the Oxford Literary Festival this last Sunday, to talk about her book, ‘A History of Britain in 21 Women.’ I did not go along because I wanted to hear her views, I can do that most mornings on Radio 4. Neither do I intend to read her book. She described it … [Read on]

Leading Archbishop endorses Trump

4th April 2017 2

It is encouraging to read that George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002), has suggested that Donald Trump might be a “good Samaritan” for the dispossessed American working class – the millions scorned, neglected and betrayed by the US political elite for decades. As the result of the presidential election in the US, the vote for Leave in Britain and the growing strength … [Read on]

Croydon Race Attack; BBC seized by its diversity hallucinations

3rd April 2017 2

Decent people everywhere will share a sense of revulsion at the news that a teenage asylum seeker of Kurdish Iranian origin has been seriously injured in an apparently racially-motivated gang-attack in Croydon, South London on Friday night. But Simon Jones, the BBC correspondent reporting the story, paints a somewhat flattering picture of the area in which the attack took place. … [Read on]

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