The Islamic Insurgency; beyond Whitehall’s control

6th June 2017 6

[pullquote]There has never been any reform of Islam similar to the changes in religious thinking in Europe in the 1530s, the Renaissance and later the Enlightenment. Until Muslims can show they are engaged in theological reform and clearly reject sexual apartheid as shown in women’s dress, all their schools should be closed[/pullquote]The Islamic insurgency in Britain is now obvious, with … [Read on]

Editorial Summer Edition 2017

4th June 2017 2

Not Amber Rudd Editorial. June Magazine 2017 Amber Rudd the Home Secretary should resign. In the last nine months she has had powers using temporary exclusion orders to keep many of the most dangerous jihadists out of Britain. She could have issued thousands of such orders, she issued one. Instead she allowed herself to be overruled by Home Office Officials … [Read on]

Corbyn’s Dream

4th June 2017 4

Jeremy Corbyn is a Marxist of the old school. He does not recognise the nation state, or national boundaries, only the world wide brotherhood and sisterhood of the proletariat. An exploited worker in a sweat shop in Bangladesh has the same right to live in Britain as a worker from Bradford has to move to London. One class that does not have … [Read on]

Animal Rights Human Wrongs

1st June 2017 0

It was late afternoon and once again I sat in the shade of the black trees and watched the crackling autumn leaves. With extraordinary caution I lit a cigarette, hoping no scandal would follow. But soon as I took a few puffs a sour-faced woman wearing tattered pig moccasins perched on a bench directly across, so I reluctantly tossed it … [Read on]

Mr Corbyn needs your house for his migrants

1st June 2017 2

Under Labour’s plans for a land tax, your property would be assessed on the total amount of land it occupies rather than the value of your house. Sounds innocuous does’t it? Think again. A house worth £250,000 taxed at 1% would attract a bill of £1250 a year. A house worth £500,000 (based on a land value of £300,000 would be billed for … [Read on]

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