Fraser Nelson’s multicultural nightmare

29th December 2018 4

Fraser Nelson’s Christmas message in the Telegraph the other day (‘Despite the Brexit warnings, Britain has never been a better place to live’) showcased everything that is wrong with the modern Conservative party. The good news, we learn, is that Britain is the best place in the world to do business, foreign investment is flooding in, immigrants are being welcomed … [Read on]

Forging the manacles of PC

29th December 2018 7

The home secretary – that interesting man Sajid Javid – recently declared the greatly increased number of immigrants’ boats in the Channel “a major crisis.” Then he took himself off on holiday 6000 miles away, from where he has since had the courtesy to telephone and tell us that he doesn’t intend to deploy patrol boats to deal with this … [Read on]

Why old age pensioners should be forced to pay their BBC TV licence

24th December 2018 4

Britain was riveted on Saturday when mega wealthy David Dimbleby guest-edited the Today programme. Not because, like a previous guest, the crime writer PD James, he wrenched the programme away from its liberal bias, but because of a scrap with a programme stalwart, hugely rich John Humphrys. Trouble started during a discussion on the monarchy. DD: I’m sorry, there was a total sneer … [Read on]

Going to prison for having the wrong thoughts

21st December 2018 12

Three young people from a wide range of backgrounds have received lengthy prison sentences this week, perhaps I should say four, as one small baby was involved. Good riddance many people will say in reaction to lively headlines. Sudesh Amman, 18, a former maths and science student at North West London College, is going to prison for three and a half … [Read on]

UKIP; the party that buried itself with its own spade

19th December 2018 26

A political party is like a very large, extremely annoying extended family. Active involvement takes over one’s life. One can therefore imagine the emotional wrench Nigel Farage experienced when he left UKIP a couple of weeks ago. His was the face of UKIP. Not only had he given his life to UKIP but as a founding member in 1992, he had … [Read on]

On a Winter’s Afternoon

17th December 2018 23

Last week, there were only two children at Sunday school at my local parish church – one of them was my eight-year-old son, the other a girl of about the same age. They duly reported back to the congregation, got a round of applause for what they had managed to remember of the story of John the Baptist, and then … [Read on]

Sniffing Merkel’s boot polish

16th December 2018 6

Middle class ‘leavers’ are starting to make excuses for voting ‘Remain’ at the coming re-referendum engineered by Brussels. If leavers do vote to remain in any number, which seems certain, then we are kissing goodbye to democracy . Brussels’ aim all along was was to make Britain crawl on all fours toward’s Merkel’s and Macron’s feet, and last week we … [Read on]

Any Second EU Referendum Should Be Double or Quits

14th December 2018 8

Another day, another call for a re-run of the Brexit referendum. Bring it on, I say. Why not? I say that as someone who, due to a transport failure, walked seven miles to vote Leave, the only time I’d bothered to vote for anything in years. I say it in full confidence that we’d win again and with a greater … [Read on]

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