An outbreak of good manners

28th February 2018 8

I am so used to lamentation – my own, that is – that I know that I am sometimes inclined to overlook how much better certain things have become of late years. We notice deterioration; we take improvement for granted the moment they have occurred. Among the things that have improved in the London Underground. I spent most of my … [Read on]

Catholics next target of left

26th February 2018 9

The Rt Rev Mark Davies, Roman Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury, recently warned that Christians could be treated as extremists and that Christians could become the focus of anti-extremist policies. He said this based on the counter terrorist measures being introduced following events leading to deaths at the hands of Islamist extremists in Manchester and London. Peaceful Christians who happen to … [Read on]

1940 and all that

25th February 2018 8

It’s history now, remote and legendary As Agincourt. The field of Mars was then The embattled sky whereon the gallant few Wrote their fame in vapour trails of glory ‘This is our finest hour’ so Churchill said, That bulldog icon, waving his cigar. But now it seems that victory was in vain The sacrifice, the blood and sweat and tears, … [Read on]

Raped while eating a Mac

23rd February 2018 12

The Department of Health recently reported that ‘Ultra-processed’ foods may be linked to cancer. These included pot noodles, ready meals, cakes and confectionery with long lists of additives, preservatives, flavourings, sugar, fat and salt. These now account for half of all the food bought by UK families. This followed a D of H warning the previous January, that nearly a … [Read on]

Oxfam – The self righteous exposed

22nd February 2018 6

The Oxfam debacle has cruelly exposed modern egalitarian liberalism – and the self-righteous band of professional humanitarians, social justice warriors and human rights activists that espouse it – for what it really is. From a conservative perspective, the only surprise is that anyone should be surprised at the ugly reality behind the mask. I have long found Oxfam shops horribly … [Read on]

Love in the Time of ADHD

22nd February 2018 6

Public displays of emotion and the medicalisation of the self: the two-headed zeitgeist of my generation. Self-importance masquerading as vicarious suffering, histrionic displays of self-pity disguised as the spreading of empathy; feeling the pain so that you don’t have to. That’s us – me and my generation – those of us still plausibly young, but old enough to remember a … [Read on]

Heresy in the House of Progressive Education

20th February 2018 15

In my twenty-seven years of teaching, I have always been doubtful of the “progress” of education, especially that of higher education, which makes me, for all intents, a heretic. I have seen the latest trends in teaching methodology and testing come and go and be repeated for decades, none of them improving student learning. Despite these efforts, most of which … [Read on]

Banged to Rights

19th February 2018 8

I was sitting on a bench at the side of the custody office in a police station one night trying to look as if I was minding my own business when a suspect who had just been arrested was brought in. ‘Take that hat off,’ barked the custody sergeant as he began the process of taking the man’s details. ‘It’s … [Read on]

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