Green for Danger

29th August 2018 6

It’s not often I read something really sickening; I wilfully ignore items about cruelty of any kind which flash up on-line. But the Sunday Times this week, had a truly astonishing and repulsive story; a man tortured and raped a ten-year-old girl in the attic of his small house while his family were living apparently oblivious to her screams. One … [Read on]

Comrade Corbyn offers us a cup of socialist Kool- Aid

28th August 2018 5

“Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world……………..President Maduro has shown the world there is a better way. It’s called socialism. Venezuela is inspirational.”                         Jeremy Corbyn According to The Latin American Herald Tribune, … [Read on]

Racism the left drools over ?

26th August 2018 12

The South African Parliament began the process of amending the constitution in February of this year to allow the confiscation of white property without compensation. When in 1996, Section 25 of the South African constitution was introduced, it was originally designed to protect the property of the white minority from future government-backed expropriation. It included the ‘willing-buyer, willing-seller’ clause which … [Read on]

Trump Derangement Syndrome

24th August 2018 3

At some point during the onset of this year’s interminable heatwave, I was invited by a relatively new acquaintance to an impromptu picnic at Hampstead Heath. As a rule, I tend to shy away from large gatherings with people I barely know for fear that the Molotov cocktail of social tedium combined with my own culturally conservative streak will produce … [Read on]

The Giant Prison that Muslim women inhabit

14th August 2018 23

Whatever his motives, Boris Johnson’s remarks about Islamic dress have drawn attention to an area of extreme tension; the Muslim practise of sexual apartheid. While the Left in the UK and bizarrely Mrs May’s government, are trying to abolish binary gender recognition in favour of saying there are several valid sexes, the Muslim community recognises only one gender as the … [Read on]

Apartheid USA.

12th August 2018 7

In 2012, Charles Murray, the American author, famous for the book, ‘The Bell Curve’, wrote a new and similarly controversial book called, ‘Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.’ In it, he examined the American, white working class, losing all the traditional values that had previously held them, their families and their society together. At the same time, Murray … [Read on]

The first Islamic State of the Union?

7th August 2018 8

I run a volunteer education and healthcare charity in an extremely rural and traditional area of Nepal. When we send students to villages to help, I always write them a list of cultural ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ so as not to cause offence to local people. The list includes clothing, washing, food, people’s houses, money, gifts, temples and monasteries and so … [Read on]