The Marriage of Greed and Power

26th February 2019 2

Careful and sure footed, moving round the hallowed relics, squeezing an elbow here, planting a deft kiss there, ever watchful, ever prudent, alert and ambitious, they were the Eurocrats, and they were waiting; waiting to take their allotted places in the great Palatine chapel. Heavy with scents of candle wax, incense and expectation, borne on eddies of Parisian perfume, the … [Read on]

Let’s all black up

26th February 2019 4

Would you believe it? Here’s a twenty-one-years-old particle physics and cosmology honours graduate who can’t get a job as a police constable – no, not even when his father is a senior officer in the force. Matthew Furlong was described by his interviewing panel for the Cheshire Constabulary as, “Very good. He could not have done any more.” The chairman … [Read on]

Celebrating Diversity

24th February 2019 4

There is nothing wrong with ‘celebrating diversity’ and ‘valuing our differences’ – it all depends how it is done. Until quite recently, comedy played a major role in this therapeutic process. Our foibles and eccentricities, our traits and national characteristics, all the things that make us different from each other, have long been a rich source of humour. Whether it … [Read on]

Coming of Islamist Age

22nd February 2019 22

Aged thirteen I was fascinated by politics and became a determined socialist. When I received literature from the National Front in Wolverhampton, whom I loathed, I wrote to my MP demanding that he crack down on them. He wrote back, to my mother, condemning the NF for sending literature to, ‘A child of that age.’ I was enraged; his message … [Read on]