Labour will bring Shamima Begum home

30th September 2019 27

All Labour MPs – especially Mr Corbyn and his Cabinet – should be prepared to answer the following question every time they appear on TV or Radio “Will a Labour Government allow Shamima Begum to return ?’ We know the answer. An Immigration Tribunal is obliged to rule in her favour, the purpose of the various Immigration Acts is to … [Read on]

Brexit: Never again let the servants’ hall have a say.

30th September 2019 15

Apparently, Boris Johnson is to blame for the ugly scenes in Parliament the other day, and for the ugly atmosphere in the country at large, because he uses the terms ‘surrender’ and ‘betrayal’ to describe those who would thwart Brexit. There is anguished discussion in the mainstream media of whether the Prime Minister should not be ‘setting the tone for … [Read on]

Is Jo Cox buried in the Church of Christ the Remainer ?

26th September 2019 16

I first met humbug full on when attending a literary festival in Oxford, in April 2017, where old fashioned feminist Jenni Murray of the BBC, was heckled and threatened with ‘no-platform’ after she questioned whether men can really be women, just because they say they are. She was accused by students of making, ‘transphobic’ comments. The humbug came bursting from … [Read on]

The EU’s fear of the English

26th September 2019 3

Frenchmen, Germans, EU officials have insisted for decades that we British are obsessed with our past. I’ve been hearing this for so long it took me years to realise it was the opposite of the truth: projection, as the Freudians say. They are obsessed with their past – and with ours. It was living on the Continent that showed me. … [Read on]

Supreme Court: Jarndyce versus Jarndyce 2019

25th September 2019 15

For the benefit of non-lawyers, the argument was not over whether the Queen could prorogue Parliament on Boris Johnson’s advice (she clearly could), but whether the judges could and should control how, when, why and for how long she did so. The answer, contained in 10,000 words (short for a Supreme Court decision), was that even though there had never … [Read on]

Time to take away the plebs vote.

25th September 2019 6

Many of us Salisbury Review readers interact daily with middle-class liberal-lefties, who abhor everything we stand for. Tell them that Boris is just what the country needs and they’ll pull a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. Nobody with a sprinkling of grey matter would support such a boorish populist, so they think.   But what on … [Read on]

Brexit: 1939 all over again.

25th September 2019 4

I’m re-reading C.H. Sisson’s autobiography, On the Lookout, by a long chalk the wisest book on all the important matters I’ve ever read. One short extract will give you the flavour: “On 8th March 1936, German troops entered Cologne. I have no idea what the real chances of action by the West were. Certainly in Paris, in my circles and … [Read on]

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