That Cotton Picking Guardian!

12th June 2020 10

The Manchester Guardian  on the liberator of America’s slaves Abraham Lincoln. “It was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States” Manchester Guardian, 10th October 1862 On news of his assassination, the Guardian described Lincoln’s Proclamation of Emancipation – the act that declared “all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free.” as abhorrent … [Read on]

A National Psychosis

12th June 2020 3

The veneration of George Floyd shows how rapidly a supposedly rational and civilised society can degenerate into mass hysteria. As a mental health expert at a London university, I have studied social phenomena and mental health throughout my career, but I never expected to see my country in such danger from a collective psychosis. When reason and feeling for fellow … [Read on]

Race grifters and Poverty Pimps

11th June 2020 15

When looking back on the last twenty years of the United Kingdom’s political history, one can see the rise of a new political doctrine entering the western world. This new force can only be described as the ‘new puritans’. We have seen the rise of this ideology since that of the 1960s, which didn’t become truly evident until Salman Rushdie’s … [Read on]

Sign petition to pull down the Highgate statue of Karl Marx in Highgate, responsible for the deaths of 100 million people world wide and notorious anti semite.

10th June 2020 36

The Tomb of Karl Marx needs removing from Highgate Cemetery, North London. Karl Marx was the founder of modern-day Communism which led to death, suffering and oppression across the world. Communism has led to the deaths of 100 million people across the world in countries such as China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Soviet Union, North Korea and many more. Karl Marx … [Read on]

Enoch Powell: Prophet of our times.

10th June 2020 10

The Maoist inspired riots in London and other cities will lead not just to pulling statues down and renaming ancient institutions such as Guy’s Hospital, the Tait, Westminster and Trafalgar Square but to censorship and the ransacking of our libraries for ‘white man’s literature” by self appointed literary gangs. This happened in China with the loss of centuries of priceless … [Read on]

BBC puts the knee into the windpipe of free speech

10th June 2020 4

So, now our media companies are censoring satire – an invaluable national source of laughter and light relief from the constant corruption and chaos in our country. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Britbox have all dropped Little Britain and Come Fly With Me (originally satirical sketch shows created by the BBC) from their streaming services.  A spokesman for the BBC told … [Read on]

A future where no lives matter.

9th June 2020 8

It is indubitable that the killing of George Floyd was an unconscionable and repugnant act. What seems however clear is that the multiculturalist agitators are exploiting and manipulating the killing in a shameless effort to further their own destabilizing agenda. The media coverage following the killing makes it transparently plain that the omniscient activists do not value human life per … [Read on]

‘Culture’ now means black. White culture has been abolished

9th June 2020 9

I like the idea of further study but didn’t expect to have a whole new learning suddenly required of me. Like many I am struggling to keep up; it began on Friday June 5th when registered nurse Carol Cooper told BBC Woman’s Hour about something very like genocide. Just back from the Birmingham Black Lives Matter demonstration, she described the … [Read on]

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