How Lyndon Johnson’s positive discrimination enslaved America’s blacks

3rd June 2020 6

“As one of my intellectual heroes, the great black American economist Thomas Sowell, has been pointing out for decades, the lives of American  blacks were improving in every single measurable way before President Lyndon Johnson decided to create The Great Society by introducing positive discrimination, forming government agencies to deal with “the black problem” and power-hosing billions of dollars at black communities. The result? In … [Read on]

Zooming toward the crematorium

3rd June 2020 3

At the end of last month, a Sky News report gave a stark insight into a profound sense of isolation our elders have been hit by during lockdown. A study showed that almost nine out of ten older people say their ‘social contact has reduced significantly during the pandemic’.  Another lady told the channel that, still being forced to stay … [Read on]

The Met crawls up the backside of the left

1st June 2020 14

On Saturday, a small number of harmless (if somewhat eccentric) protesters gathered at Speakers’ Corner. Under the Coronavirus Act and Guidelines demonstrations are not essential activities and are thus banned, so even at this symbolic site of British liberties, you cannot protest against lockdown, because of lockdown. One of us went to Hyde Park and observed the overzealous policing. Various … [Read on]

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