They may well be unnecessary but if you think Boris’s new Covid restrictions in the UK are burdensome try Victoria Australia.

27th September 2020 11

Members of the white middle class, they live in a terrace house in the city centre. Both are both retired. He is 77 and has severe chest disease, she is 78 and recently has had heart trouble. Hard workers, they were expecting an enjoyable retirement among friends and relatives. Instead their government has sentenced them to indefinite house arrest which, … [Read on]

Time Gentlemen Please

23rd September 2020 17

Some things have inadvertently improved due to the Chinese eating bats; children now have to sit in rows, spaced out, facing the front. Most teachers, even those purporting to teach history don’t know that this was once the norm and worked well for hundreds of years. Pubs are now going to close at 10pm. Many have forgotten, but from 1914 … [Read on]

‘It was heroin that did it guv.’

21st September 2020 18

“Create a language and you create a world,” is one of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s less-impenetrable sayings. For example, is adultery a mortal sin or only a lifestyle choice? Or is a large pork pie a real treat or the likely precursor of a heart attack? An hour in the sun with your shirt off a warming boost to morale after a … [Read on]

Edinburgh University toadies to BLM.

18th September 2020 35

40 George Square is the name chosen by the authorities at Edinburgh University in place of what was the David Hume Tower. I used the word authorities because I was unsure how to spell sycophants and I didn’t have a dictionary to hand. I suppose I might have used toadies, creeps, grovellers, spaniels, lickspittles or brown-nosers. The tower is being … [Read on]

Editorial: Autumn edition of the Salisbury Review

18th September 2020 5

Squash a large number of animals in a confined space and sooner or later a fatal disease will make its appearance. Farmer Brown knows this only too well and keeps disease out of his factory farm by the liberal use of antibiotics, vaccines and confining them in crates. There is plenty of room on the earth for us humans to … [Read on]

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