Britain’s finances in hands of a hedge fund manager

28th February 2021 8

Has Sunak lost his Midas Touch?The Tories’ golden boy is finally losing his lustre, and not before time. Having charmed us with his assured manner, his slick presentational skills, and his winning smile; and having risen to the occasion of the pandemic with lavish funding of emergency relief; Rishi Sunak is, judging by Treasury leaks, about to mess things up … [Read on]

The BBC sees Britain through a forest of strutting jackboots

28th February 2021 17

In my Midlands comprehensive school in the 1970s, the boys in the 6th form were all planning to be Labour voters like their fathers and grandfathers. I’d joined the Labour Party aged 15 and we regarded the NF as uncouth ‘skin-heads,’ the sort you avoided at all costs. In London Professor Lez Henry had more to fear. ‘Us black yoof, … [Read on]

‘I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death my right to silence you.’ Another case of LGBT persecution of its opponents

21st February 2021 15

High-profile discrimination cases in the courts are regularly said to demonstrate the degree of intolerance and bigotry that still infest Britain today, and the need to take steps to do something about it. An employment tribunal case last week is a case in point, but perhaps not in the way you might expect.  In January 2019 Seyi Omooba, a hitherto … [Read on]

Gene Salad.

21st February 2021 8

Within living memory – until about 2010 – we thought we knew what a transsexual was.  Though it was impossible for male human beings to become female human beings and vice-versa, there were nonetheless people who wished to transition to the opposite sex and who made efforts to resemble the opposite sex.  Without necessarily believing people who declared themselves to … [Read on]

Cancelled for being white

19th February 2021 11

The BBC reports with great excitement that the award for best British independent film at the British Independent Film Awards has been won by ‘Rocks’, a film that cast unknown East London schoolgirls with no acting experience in its main roles and featured improvised dialogue – perhaps the players were unable to learn any of their lines. Producer Ameenah Ayub … [Read on]

Cynical Theories

18th February 2021 6

Knowledge is a power structure, maintained by manipulation of language. So, we learned from Michel Foucault, who inspired the postmodern turn in universities and emancipatory activism. Fact has been replaced by narrative, and objective reality by relativism. The framework of identity politics accepts neither individual nor universal truths. Your group status (gender, race, etc) determines how you are seen, and … [Read on]

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