The EU Vaccine cock-up

16th February 2021 2

The Remainers weep: “Oh, how we miss the French with their charm, their style, their sartorial elegance and delectable dishes!” Where are they now? Alas! All these have been wafted away, borne on a cloud of bafflement and indignation; for sadly, when faced with a genuine crisis, French governments yield to two familiar temptresses, arrogance and inefficiency. During this recent … [Read on]

Is the net about to take over your mind?

11th February 2021 4

Author Tom Bradwell On January 12th Spotify was granted a patent that described “methods, systems and computer program products for processing audio signals to determine taste attributes.” It continues: “Environmental metadata is retrieved… based on the background noise which might correspond to any noises in the audio signal that are not the primary speaker’s voice. This may include ambient environmental … [Read on]

Universities: No place for the White Man

10th February 2021 25

The University of Leicester’s proposal to replace the medieval literature component of its BA English courses by ‘excitingly innovative’ modules on race, ethnicity, sexuality, and diversity, and thereby further the aim of ‘decolonising the curriculum’, has attracted anger among academics in the English department. But if the public letter of resignation penned by its prospective external examiner for the MA … [Read on]

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