The Dream of Rome

8th June 2021 7

As the rule of law collapses around us in the West with anonymous accusers behind curtains, the suppression of evidence, political stunt trials and rapacious lawyers, Leonardo Palma examines the Roman Lex, the basis of our civilisation.  A couple of years ago, I was working on my senior thesis at King’s College London. I should have been back in Rome for … [Read on]

Derek Chauvin: Justice and the perp walk

5th June 2021 10

In 1955, Rebecca West published her account of a trial, which she attended, of 31 men, accused of lynching a young black man, called Willie Earle, in Greenville, South Carolina. They had removed him from a gaol, and tortured and beaten him to death. He himself had been accused of killing a white taxi-driver and was awaiting trial. At the … [Read on]

On your Bike ! The war on the car

4th June 2021 2

For the first time in thirty-three years, I am carless; my small VW is sitting outside but I am reluctant to use it. At first, I didn’t react when the next street was suddenly sealed off at one end assuming it was due to the usual, ‘road works.’ Then the road I use once a week to shop for myself … [Read on]

Black lives don’t matter (to Liberals)

3rd June 2021 6

Black lives matter (so Liberals keep telling us), but I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t. If they did, one would expect the left to be more concerned with knife crime, gang membership, and absentee black fathers. Instead, the focus appears to be propping up false narratives which invariably translate into nice little earners.   Police brutality is not … [Read on]

France, our natural enemy?

3rd June 2021 6

“She’s my best friend, and I hate her!” There, expressed in playground language, is the schizophrenic relationship between England and France. Affection, admiration, resentment, dislike; all these play out regularly and both puzzle and dismay. Some years ago, I married into a French family of the rural gentry.  Many of the men were, or had been, officers in the French … [Read on]

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