The show is not over until the fat lady stops singing due to diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

31st August 2021 5

My holiday on the south coast was rather dismal, not just for the expensive, poor-quality food and accommodation and the rain, but the sight of morbidly obese young women clad in floral leggings. It was like visiting Willendorf-on-Sea. A backside the size of Sussex is obviously no embarrassment anymore, even something to flaunt, and it seems that we are being … [Read on]

Afghanistan: Boris the weak and Biden the Senile

23rd August 2021 16

We hear from our political leaders that the British and Americans were taken by surprise by the advance of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the sudden and complete collapse of the Afghan forces, and by the Taliban’s surrounding of the airport at Kabul, where chaotic and tragic scenes are now unfolding. Apparently, our 20 years of first-hand involvement in the country … [Read on]

Burkas on the Beach

17th August 2021 21

A quick glance at the BBC News website reveals the predictable headline ‘Record GCSE results’ accompanied by an image of two teenage black girls dressed in hijabs, The Islamic head dress. What a triumph of inclusion and diversity. We can only marvel that our English civilization, which dates back well over a thousand years, that assimilated the occasional influx of … [Read on]

Chinese takeaway our Nuclear Power

8th August 2021 15

It seems that the Johnson government is getting cold feet about Chinese involvement in the building of Britain’s new nuclear power stations, whereby China puts up a share of the money for Hinkley Point C and Sizewell (whose reactors are being designed and built by EDF of France), and then build their own (Chinese) reactor at Bradwell in Essex. The … [Read on]

Snowflakes in Summer

6th August 2021 13

The summer of 2021 may be remembered not so much for great sporting events as for top  athletes deciding to proudly run away. ‘Dina Asher-Smith has pulled out of the Olympics altogether, after failing to make the 100 metres final,’ says a voice from the radio. ‘I’m really proud of everything I’ve done to this point,’ she says. In July … [Read on]