Twitter revives the ducking stool for unwoke witches

30th November 2021 24

I’ve just received an email from Twitter showing a list of accusations against me, accusing me of violating Twitter rules and German law, via the ‘Network Enforcement Act. Alarming, especially when followed by a second one. I considered a new ‘Nuremberg Defence;’ ‘I was only trying to stop people following orders.’ Happily, Twitter acquitted me on all charges. Relief!  But … [Read on]

Immigration. The left’s death certificate for Britain

24th November 2021 12

What the left has in store for us over migration was made clear (24.11.21) on Channel 4 evening news when an interviewer asked various cringing, evasive politicians why, in the light of the drownings in the channel, why Conservative or Labour were not prepared to establish a safe route to Britain for all asylum seekers where their claims for asylum … [Read on]

The Blob

24th November 2021 7

My grandfather seemed really fond of me as a child, expressing it by praising everything I wrote, drew and painted, carrying extracts from my oeuvre around in his pockets, showing examples to people on trains. My other relatives thought he was eccentric. Praise was not usually given, the idea being that it was bad for children and would put them … [Read on]

Migration, Our Island Suicide

24th November 2021 12

As the flow of migrants across the Channel intensifies, and our anguished mainstream media and political establishment debates the humanitarian dimension of the crisis, (31 dead today in the Channel) considering, for example, how we might speed up their processing, or whether we could let them work and ‘contribute’ while they await processing, one relevant detail is, as usual, omitted. … [Read on]

Climate Hoax ?

15th November 2021 33

Two years of work and diplomacy have culminated in the COP26 world climate summit agreeing a deal that, though predictably disappointing, offers at least ‘a lifeline’ to meeting the Paris agreement target of limiting temperature rise to 1.5C. At least, this is what most observers seem to agree. Summit president Alok Sharma said the target was still alive but ‘its … [Read on]

1642 the Puritans closed all the theatres, 2021 and the left is at it again.

9th November 2021 22

Comedian David Baddiel recently commented that his last play had every line scrutinised to see whether it might offend or ‘trigger’ anyone on the grounds of race, gender or disability. Strangely, he wasn’t bothered at all and wants more policing of our language. Last February, his book, Jews Don’t Count, argued that antisemitic bias remains largely unpoliced and this week … [Read on]

It’s brown envelope time again at the Conservative Party

8th November 2021 8

Stephen Barclay, minister for the Cabinet Office (and apparently acting prime minister) has this evening apologised for the government’s mistake in ‘conflating’ its genuine concerns about the standards investigations system (namely, that the Commons Standards Committee had embarrassed the government by finding Owen Patterson guilty of lobbying ministers on behalf of companies for which he was a paid consultant) with … [Read on]

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