False compassion lures more illegal migrants to risk their lives in the English Channel.

30th December 2021 28

The leader of the Anglican Church Archbishop Justin Welby, a man given to increasingly bizarre pronouncements, told us in his Christmas sermon that we should show compassion towards refugees crossing the English Channel from France to Britain. I completely agree, if I understand compassion properly as ‘sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.’ Setting off in … [Read on]

The Lost Empire of Britannia

24th December 2021 17

I have just watched the 1954 film ‘The Beachcomber’ on the old films channel, Talking Pictures, for some light relief. It is so politically incorrect that the thermometer would have exploded, but naturally hugely enjoyable. It features a bunch of honourable British imperialists and missionaries dispensing justice, medicine, and Christianity to a population of natives who threaten to revert to … [Read on]

The resignation of Prime Minister Carrie Johnson

19th December 2021 3

We are now entering the beginning of the struggle to re-enter the EU led by Prime Minister Carrie Johnson. Readers may be forgiven for thinking that Boris is the Prime Minister but Carrie, reared in a Labour family, has emerged as the party leader, without the inconvenience of having to appear in the House of Commons. Her cull of right … [Read on]

Panic or Pandemic ?

18th December 2021 2

Here we go again. NHS risks being overwhelmed: Lockdown, Christmas cancelled.   Most sane people would, I think, agree that lockdowns are counterproductive (though a real plague, like the Black Death, might alter the picture), since the costs vastly outweigh the benefits, that the NHS is not ‘fit for purpose’, and that there should be open honest discussion about alternative … [Read on]

The usual Tory contempt for those who put them in office.

18th December 2021 25

The North Shropshire by-election result illustrates more than the shortcomings of Boris Johnson. It reveals the tragedy of contemporary British politics in miniature. It was never going to be difficult to topple Boris in a by-election in the aftermath of ‘Party Gate’, but the Tory candidate did not help matters. Neil Shastri-Hurst, a barrister-doctor, had been parachuted in from Birmingham. … [Read on]

Facebook killed the Xmas Card

16th December 2021 8

Phone Rings: Me: ‘Hello? Yes. Oh, it’s you. No, I am still alive. I didn’t send you a Christmas card to you this year because I haven’t heard from you in person for six years, not since the family funeral. I sent emails and then I phoned, remember, but you said you were too busy to speak to me, and … [Read on]

With Boris gone it will be back into the EU

10th December 2021 16

A few days ago the Foreign Office was revealed as a corrupt and useless organisation. Senior officials were holidaying as people we have a moral duty towards were dying in Afghanistan, while civil servants refused to come in at weekends or work more than their normal hours. The revelations were so shocking that at one stage it looked as if … [Read on]

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