Society disintegrates

18th October 2021 2

This week’s Spectator features that rare event in the mainstream conservative press, an article that suggests conservatism is not all about global markets, small government, open borders, and general laissez-faire – but that it values traditions, attachments, and communities, even classes and hierarchies, and is protectionist, even green. In short, conservatives are not laissez-faire liberals, neither socially nor economically.  Tim … [Read on]

The Duke of York has to do his Princely Sums

1st October 2021 8

The commentaries on the Duke of York’s case mostly reflect the stance he seems to have taken, in relation to the allegations of sexual abuse made against him. They and he are misguided. The simple fact is that his position confers no special status on him, whatsoever, as far as either the American, or English courts are concerned. This means, … [Read on]

Track Changes

30th September 2021 2

Are trains interesting? It’s a question I ask myself whenever browsing the magazines at WH Smith, where shelves are devoted to a plethora of publications on railways now and then. Steam engines remain a prominent theme, although memories of the billowing smoke must be fading. The trainspotter, with anorak and notebook on a windswept platform, is a rather sad stereotype, … [Read on]

M’Lords swallow the blue pill

17th September 2021 8

Legal cases rarely make for very exciting reading. The Court of Appeal’s decision today, that the High Court should not have made a declaration about the limited powers of comparatively young teenagers to consent to potentially drastic gender reassignment at the Tavistock Clinic, is no exception. Unless you suffer from serious insomnia, it is not recommended entertainment (if you are … [Read on]

History is more bunk than ever

10th September 2021 9

An eight-part drama about the Nuremberg Trials has started on Radio 4. Rhian Roberts, a BBC Commissioning Editor said it was, ‘Designed to present phenomenal moments of history in a compelling style so we can all continue to understand how our world was shaped by them.’ What we got was inexplicable; no Lord Shawcross, Britain’s lead prosecutor, whose opening speech, … [Read on]

Migration Watch Blog 27.8.21

10th September 2021 4

Read these terrifying figures posted by Migration Watch today (link ) consequent on the government’s active encouragement of mass immigration. When will Priti Patel resign? ‘Around six in ten (62%) of the nine million or so foreign-born population were born outside the EU; nearly four in ten (38%) were born in the EU, according to recent estimates Since 2001/2 the Eastern … [Read on]

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