The Lost English Tribe

23rd February 2020 1

Travelling back from London with my eldest child on the tube today, I enjoyed one of those moments in which we enjoy ‘the pleasure of recognition’. I could tell that the girl sitting opposite me, whose gaze lingered fractionally longer on me than on the others in the carriage, was thinking the same thought: ‘Someone else in this carriage is … [Read on]

Boris Johnson’s great immigration fraud

22nd February 2020 20

We all know what the problem is – our towns and cities are changing out of all recognition.  We see it with our own eyes. Our streets no longer look British, English, Welsh, Yorkshirian or whatever you want to call it. Turnips are replaced by yams, churches are replaced by mosques and we hear strange languages everywhere we go. Heathrow … [Read on]

Kicking the Immigration Habit

21st February 2020 6

At last we are to have an immigration system which will force employers to train-up the indigenous population, instead of allowing them to employ imported cheap labour, which the state must then subsidise with in-work benefits. This is clearly an improvement. Yet even among the most ardent proponents of a ‘points-based’ immigration system, we hear the same hoary old platitudes: … [Read on]

The Skills Gap: Whites need not apply, or are too fat?

21st February 2020 9

Priti Patel, self-styled head-mistress from hell, wants to get the British working again, all of them. She says eight million Brits are ‘economically inactive,’ so idle they don’t even collect their dole money, presumably spending their time hypnotised by eating pizza and watching on-line porn.    She plans to stop importing cheap labour from Europe and push fat white Brits … [Read on]

University Chancellors & Free Speech: Drinking in the last chance saloon

16th February 2020 11

Writing in the Times on 7th February, the Secretary of State of Education issued a ‘final warning’ to universities to get their act together over protecting freedom of expression on campus. Gavin Williamson’s intent was clear: ‘If the universities don’t take action to defend free speech on campus, the Government will’. Over the years, Universities UK (UUK), the body that … [Read on]

Gaily across the zebra crossing

12th February 2020 18

At last, gay people can cross the road! It took a long time, but a more tolerant and diverse society has embraced LGBT pedestrians, with the help of progressive local authorities. Rainbow crossings are being installed throughout our cities. At Herne Hill in south London, for example, the local community is delighted by this latest investment by Lambeth Council. Some … [Read on]

Technoplegia in the age of data harvesting

10th February 2020 6

I had to face the fact that the flat I rent out in London needed a refit. Estimates for the work ranged from crippling to only mildly extortionate. I felt I could just about manage it when my managing agent said, ‘Of course you’ll have to get the council tax back in your name and sort out parking permits for … [Read on]

South Georgia is a nice long way off

8th February 2020 24

                                                ‘Can we just escape?’ ‘If this is progress, please can I just get off.’ ‘Where will we go?’  older British people ask,  dreaming of a simpler age. ‘Portugal?’ they say hopefully. ‘Lots of immigration problems there and in Spain. The chaos on the Greek Islands will spread like blue dye swirling through a bowl of water.’ their all-knowing friend … [Read on]

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