Jane Kelly. The Church of England now has no place for believers in the traditional family

Being a member of the Church of England is to belong to a strange club, or so it seems to me. All the rules have changed since I joined as an infant, or rather since my parents imposed their religion onto me (something which is now discouraged). There is no escape from the new ethos of the place and even the flannely Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is zealous in his mission to drag us all, no matter how recalcitrant, into the modern, post-Christian age.  Article in Daily Telegraph

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4 Comments on Jane Kelly. The Church of England now has no place for believers in the traditional family

  1. “Whither the Church” may well be replaced by “Whither England”. The C of E has been irrelevant now for decades, and deservedly so. It was the Bishops who objected to the mass inoculation of British children on the grounds that saving their lives thwarted god’s will. People this obtuse need to be irrelevant. The pandering to homosexuals is easily understood when considered as a self preservation reaction, the bishop’s calculation is that the queers probably have enough influence to strip the bishop of his privilege, and we can’t have that. Principle, honesty, charity, etc. have nothing to do with it.
    As part of my electrical work here in Florida I have completed several projects in one of the largest and richest synagogues in the County. This has given me an opportunity to interact with the synagogue leaders and to observe their various activities. Several characteristics of the Jewish community stand out in stark contrast to C of E: First of course is the absolute commitment to Jewish ethnicity, miscegenation between Jew and goy is a betrayal. Judaism and Jewish community is about survival and defiance, unlike Christianity which is essentially a personality cult of submission. Jewish philosophy thanks god for his gifts and regards the development and use of those gifts to be a sacred duty. The family occupies a central and critical role in Jewish life.
    I could go on but you get the picture. What does C of E care about England? About English ethnicity? About English tradition? About English history? In fact C of E has been complicit, along with other pillars of the English establishment such as the Monarchy and Parliament, in one of the greatest betrayals in history, I refer of course to the flooding of England with 3rd world immigrants that has occurred since WW2. I am sure the young English girls of Rotherham, Bradford, Oxford, Blackpool, Bristol, Brent and many others thank the bishops for their concern, they were very concerned about slavery in 1830, now, who cares? For the record I will state my absolute belief that without English history there would be no freedom in this world.
    It is worth considering what the Archbishop of Canterbury should do about the crowning of Charles as the British Head of State and the head of the C of E. The scuttlebutt is that on the evening of his penultimate day of bachelorhood, Charles was bonking his mistress, a woman married at the time, with the full knowledge and approval of the husband. The next day he entered into holy vows with the late Lady Diana Spencer. The man is not honorable, that should disqualify him from office but it won’t. The Archbishop will carry out the charade. This proves that the whole of the tradition, the rituals, the sacraments, the ridiculous costumes, the awe inspiring cathedral built at such cost, is all meaningless theater, a crock of complete bullshit. The English State is utterly corrupt and decadent.

  2. Woe unto the, Oh Salisbury Review ! You preach peace but there is no peace. Your namesake is the inheritor of the orginal fraud in Henry VIII and Elizabeth I’s time which perpetrated and ensured the usurpation of the True Faith of Rome in favor of mammon. Be changed in your minds and return to the original Faith. It’s not quite enough to complain about the latter day excesses of the C of E. Unfortunately, since the death of Pius XII and the ascension of the Novus Ordo, the original Faith has been driven from Rome also. We are all on our own except for the Saints in Heaven, our Blessed Lady, and the Holy Trinity. The earthly presence of the Church appears to be gone, just as the Blessed Lord was gone for 3 days. Watch and pray !

  3. The Church of England’s ‘acceptance of all things at all times’ is just another way of saying that the Church defends nothing (and cannot since she did not defend life-long marriage in the 1960s, as Peter Hitchens has pointed out).

    Some years ago I heard a C of E clergyman give a sermon in which, fist clench and leaning over the edge of the pulpit, he thundered at the congregation, “We MUST have gay marriage”. In his demeanour he reminded me of photos of Lenin haranguing the crowd, thought Lenin was probably more conservative. Nevertheless, the congregation responded to his demand with loud catcalls and whistles of approval. The insidious ideas of the Frankfurt School had done there work there alright, so much so that these people couldn’t recall that this clergyman’s demand and their approval was carried out in the presence of Him who declared that marriage was between a man and a woman.

    The only ones among the congregation who didn’t join in were the few old-timers who were left. Ah! The sheep and the goats! They didn’t know the day on which their Lord would come to divide them.

    The Archbishop’s message to the Mothers Union that they will just have to accept same-sex marriage is just realpolitik, an accommodation with the world. It’s a new take on giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s. You can’t really blame the poor man if he’s not a combative Paul or a impulsive Peter. Though in this accommodation and in the senior clergy’s support of remaining in the EU it must be wondered whether this Church has no king but Caesar.