ANATHEMA – The Two Minute Hate

‘The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in’. George Orwell 1984

Sir Roger Scruton – Two minute hate.

Tommy Robinson – Double hate.

Julian Assange – Triple hate.

Israel Folau – Wonderful Rugby player, oh yes, Evangelical Christian aka – Three minute hate.

Billy Vunipola – Almost full hate as another Christian he supported the errors of thinking committed by Israel Folau.

Barrie Humphries – Full hate, a bit of a surprise to discover the evil heart of a man who spent most of his career dressing up as a woman looking for all the world like a member of the LGBT community, whilst secretly nurturing incorrect thoughts.

Seyi Omooba – Guilty of being seriously inappropriate, despite being a young black actress. Last month dropped from a starring role in a musical after a Facebook post she wrote in 2014 was retweeted by a gay actor in the musical, Hamilton, revealed that she’d written that Christians, ‘have begun to twist the word of God’ when it comes to accepting homosexuality. Worse, she stated, ‘Though the law of this land has made it legal doesn’t mean its [sic] right.’

Benedict Cumberbatch – Merits a half hate. ‘Somehow got away with his career intact after using the word, ‘Coloured.’

Amber Rudd – Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, nearly went the same way as Cumberbatch but has somehow held on, but we’re watching her.

We know that all these people are evil as we are constantly told that they are. Even quite mild-mannered people will seriously explain their fall into ignominy using the words;

‘Well, it seems that they made quite inappropriate remarks.’

It’s almost impossible to remember a time when very few people were so inappropriate, or rather we didn’t notice that they were and so they were not as people say now, ‘called out.’ What a terrible time that must have been, when people just went around saying things, expressing their thoughts, as if that didn’t really matter. People in the past had no shame.

Of these Assange is possibly the worst, not quite sure why, he just obviously is, only equalled by Tommy Robinson. We know Robinson is a terrible person because he has been banned from Facebook, Twitter, U tube and Instagram. It’s hard to know how he can survive under those circumstances. He is effectively a ‘non-person,’ and cutting him off from social media platforms will of course silence him and his supporters for ever.

One has to be ruthless of course, so that the old infection of free thinking is stamped out once and for all. There are some who may feel this can be a little harsh, for instance in the case of young Seyi Omooba, so talented and fresh faced. Referred to as, ‘a theatrical force’ until she was dropped d from The Color Purple’s UK revival after an old Facebook entry was discovered saying, ‘Though the law of this land has made it legal doesn’t mean its [sic] right.’

Staff at the Birmingham Hippodrome wrote: ‘Comments made by Seyi in that post have caused significant and widely expressed concerns both on social media and in the wider press. Following careful reflection, it has been decided that Seyi will no longer be involved with the production. This decision was supported by the Authors and Theatrical Rights Worldwide.’

Julian Hoult, who starred with Omooba in a recent production of The Little Shop of Horrors, also tweeted a statement, in which he claimed that she had wilfully refused to star in a London Pride video because, ‘she didn’t agree with it.’

That is barely imaginable and he added sadly, ‘I knew this would all eventually come to light but I personally didn’t want it in this way. I wanted to see growth and education on her part.’

This new climate of discovering the sins of others certainly brings out the best in people; you see can see, at least two of Seyi’s colleagues were willing to inform on her, for the greater good of the whole community. Even her agent has dropped her. It’s the only thing people like that understand. Let’s all hope and pray, no, not that, no one wants to be called a Christian, let’s just hope she is re-educated soon.

Now I have to confess, and we live in the age of full confession and public apology, I too have sinned. I am currently banned by Twitter for an excruciatingly interminable time, after I suggested that the LGBT community, making a big fuss about Brunei’s decision to stone gay people to death, are usually quite slow to criticise Islam, FGM, forced marriage, grooming etc. My mistaken point was that cultural relativism will always let you down.

For that, I am now stuck here among the damned, the sort of able-bodied people who use disabled loos and when challenged to name their disability say, ‘I suffer from extreme Islamophobia,’ and run away cackling like maniacs. Clowns and buffoons who endanger the very fabric of decent life as it is now lived, according to the precepts of 17th century America.

The trouble is many of us are getting old and just can’t keep up.  We were brought up in quite a different time when we admired the cruel, offensive and priapic ‘humour’ of the likes of Barry Humphries, elitist Cambridge educated satirists, and bawdy TV racists such as, well I can’t think of any just now, but I am sure they were there.  

Humphries CBE, 81, has got his just desserts at last. Since 2000, the best show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival has won the Barry Award, named after him, but this year the title has been changed to the pithy and amusing, ‘Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award.’

Humphries kept on making what used to be called jokes and some of them, unbelievably, were against the transgendered community, e.g. ‘How many different kinds of lavatory can you have?’

He also told the notoriously racist Spectator magazine that trangenderism is, ‘Pretty evil when it’s preached to children by crazy teachers.’

That was clearly an attack on vulnerable minorities and as one successful comedian at the festival put it, he has ‘completely lost the ability to read the room.’

Surely that is what comedy should be about, reading a room so that you only come out with remarks that people expect to hear.

He showed his true colours last year when he became involved in a row over Barry Spurr, a Sydney poetry professor who resigned after private racist emails were published. Spurr said they were a jokey ‘game’ in which he and a friend tried to outdo each other in their use of outrageous language. A likely tale. Humphries tried to help him by saying he was a victim of, ‘This new puritanism,’ and he called it, ‘A disgraceful persecution.’

Comedian Zoe Coombs Marr, who won the Barry award in 2016, praised the decision to change its name calling it, a ‘massive win’ for comedy.

It certainly is, for the new, pure kind of comedy, where there are lots of women and non-binary comedians on stage, and no ‘jokes.’

‘I’m so proud of the comedy festival for doing what Barry Humphries himself seems unable to do,’ she said, ‘Listening to criticism, moving with the times and stepping up to the plate to ultimately make things more inclusive for everyone.’

Here, here, no enemy of the people she, a wonderfully amusing woman. Everything she says should make us howl with laughter.


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12 Comments on ANATHEMA – The Two Minute Hate

  1. Here in the States, you can add Kate Smith to the two-minute hate list for singing an obscure song in 1931. No more God Bless America in Philadelphia as she is now a non-person for her sin of racism.

  2. Is it really that difficult to understand why the left have turned against free speech? In the past they insisted on the right to free speech because they wanted the freedom to challenge the conservative establishment. Now that left wing views have gone mainstream the left have become the establishment. As such, they are not keen to tolerate challenges to a world view they believe is morally superior in every way to the the systems that preceded it.

    The only free speech the left wingers regard as acceptable is that which urges them to redouble their efforts to become better socialists. Newer and ever more worthy “disadvantaged” groups must be identified and brought under the sharing and caring umbrella of inclusiveness. The very fact of there being disadvantaged groups at all is a clear indication of a moral failure which needs to be addressed. Cue: righteous indignation / self-condemnatory guilt.

  3. The left-wing heroes of comedy like Billy Connolly, and most now, “step up to the plate” by injecting the F word throughout their acts. An alternative ploy is to insult Christians – but never Islam – as a cheap safe target. I am an atheist, but I object to comics using profanities to ginger up the act. Jo Brand is an honourable exception – and she is still one of the funniest.

    • When Barry Humphries hosted the Adelaide Comedy Festival some few years ago he himself commanded the biggest and most memorable laugh when he ‘banned’ comedians from using the ‘F word’. The challenge to be witty instead soon passed along with his chairmanship.

      Funny how the comformist Australia of 1955 that gave birth to Edna Everage has returned to annihilate her in 2019.

        • Yes Sheilagh, one astute commentator realised it was Barry Humphries, not Captain James Cook, who discovered Australia. Inciting the pseuds to complain about the ‘injury’ Edna & Les Patterson were doing to our country’s reputation ‘overseas’ has always been Mr Humphries’ crowning achievement. How he pricked their pretentious & suffocating ways! The level-headed among us came to accept and celebrate our suburban ways by joining in with self-mockery. I see no reason to stop now the New Puritans are in charge.

          • Australians must not drop their guard. Australia is under a full-scale assault from the likes of The Economist, which mischaracterizes the fair immigration system as “ruthless”, and the BBC, which uses its publicly-funded licence fee to fund Simon Reeve engaging in blatant political activity against the Australian government and people in a series of travel programs.

  4. The sense of humour found in bars (at least those few that haven’t turned into restaurants), regiments, and amongst workers who are sure that their management aren’t (at that particular moment) spying on them, is rather more robust, and consequently funnier than the corporate liberal class would like. Of course, men who fight for their country, people who still make, repair, or grow things, and those who enjoy a drink with a rambling conversation are already non-people in the eyes of those in charge of our (since the non-delivery of Brexit)demonstrably non-democratic country.

      • ..and a belated Easter Blessing to you Trevor. I escaped to go trout fishing after Easter Sunday, and left computer (and wristwatch!) behind for a week. R

  5. I was long ago banned from an online forum for asking a John Rawlsian question: If you were to be born again with a choice of Israel or a Muslim ruled country, which would you pick? Fancy. Me suggesting that living in Iran or Saud, governed as they are by depraved, perverted rats’ nests was something to be avoided. A Texas student of mine said PoC, people of colour, was the OK term in the US. Those guilty of UK wrong speak should move there then.

  6. In being invited to leave a reply to this excellent post by Jane Kelly we are assured that our email address will not be published.
    All very well however, how long will it be before the Ministry for Government Information and monitoring of hate crime has the power to harvest all such information in the same way that the Peoples Republic of China has the similar ability to harvest the organs of the opposition?
    No doubt one will lead to the other, the police will arrest all non ‘Right Thinking’, non politically correct plebians and deposit them in the A&E Ward of the local NHS hospital for confiscation of useful organs for implantation into the political and public sector rat class.
    I can already feel their sharp teeth gnawing at me as I lie on the floor of a blacked out Room 101….