Anglican Bishops silent on Britain being wiped out by tidal immigration

Most people are very worried about the number of migrants surging towards us by sea and land. Some of us wrestle with the moral dilemma this poses. I think they need to be stopped from coming here, and we should patrol our coasts with gun boats if necessary and blow up the channel tunnel. Most of the people who go to my church would not agree and seem to think we should allow people in unreservedly.

What does the Church of England think about this crisis? No idea. They don’t say anything at all. If they did have an opinion, I might not agree with it, but I would like to hear it
Many of us are worried about the rise and rise of radical Islam in the form of Isis, Al Nusra and Boko Haram, plus our home grown jihadists. Does the Church offer us any guidance on this? Not a jot.

The Pope on the other hand, has a lot to say about current issues, relating most things to current levels of poverty and increasing inequality. He has recently even stuck his crosier into the hot topic of global warming, anathema to the American right. He’s told Brazilian leaders to stop destroying the environment, but leaders of the world wide Anglican communion keep absolutely Mum. Apart from Giles Fraser and one or two other media pundits they seem to have nothing to say.

Perhaps this is the reason that the pews of England are increasingly empty. The Church of England now attracts fewer than 800,000 worshippers to its churches on a typical Sunday. (Moslems on Fridays 930,000 Ed)

The number of bums on pews has fallen to less than half the levels of the 1960s, when church going was quite common among all social groups. The signs of continuing decline in support for the C of E follow census evidence of a widespread fall in allegiance to Christianity, with numbers calling themselves Christian dropping by more than four million in a decade.
Many people do not even know that the church is still there.

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