Corbyn’s Jewish Problem

Why is anyone surprised that Corbyn’s Labour party is riddled with anti-Semitism? Nobody could have levelled the accusation against the Labour party of old, whose overriding aim was the betterment of the living conditions of the working class – an honourable and worthy endeavour, in which Jews played a prominent part. But for the neo-Marxist anti-capitalist social justice warriors of Corbyn’s Labour party, there is a radically different agenda: the overthrow of the oppressive hegemonic structures – Western, white, Eurocentric, capitalist – which perpetuate the privilege of a dominant class and the liberation of the oppressed, the excluded, the marginalised, the demonised and those who have been offended. It is only in a multicultural society that radical equality can be instituted, that minorities (people of colour, other faiths, migrants, gays, the transgendered etc) can be empowered. And to that end, the England of old must be deconstructed in the name of a vibrant new multicultural Britain where no identities are privileged.

The crime, then, of the Jews is not merely that Israel is at war with the Palestinian Arabs (who are, by definition, a persecuted minority), which means that to be Jewish is, by association, to be ‘Islamophobic’, but that their wider culture is unashamedly Western, Eurocentric and capitalist. Israel is, of course, the only democratic state in the region. And it is because their wider culture is unashamedly Western, Eurocentric and capitalist that, despite having endured more than their share of prejudice, the Jews have been so successful in so many walks of life and have made such a phenomenal contribution to the wider culture of this country – not through some privileged victim status, but through sheer merit. That most Jews in England would describe themselves as ‘English’ is telling. It is precisely because the Jews, like the Huguenots before them, have assimilated, have been integrated into the dominant culture, that they have been able to make this contribution.

Western, Eurocentric, capitalist, white, English, patriotic, successful and Islamophobic (by natural association) – what could be more offensive? Good reason, then, for the Marxists and neo-Marxists of Corbyn’s Labour party to be suspicious and resentful of the Jews.[pullquote]

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5 Comments on Corbyn’s Jewish Problem

  1. The English nation has been among many targets for demolition by the “race-gender-class” revolution, started by a section of the New Left in the USA in the sixties, accelerated in France in 1968, and spread by incremental ratchet in the UK, and other western democracies, through institutions, starting here with local government and education on the back of immigration, and extending upwards and outwards through a captive academe and political class, of which “PC” and “Guardianistas” represent a convenient shorthand for this brief letter. Michael William and Bruce Bawer are worth reading for any newcomers to this insidious process.

    The main, crucial and terrifying “achievement” in this country has been fixing in place the Equality Act, with its subsequent gradual top-down totalitarian contamination of society, including the judiciary and police, with Parliamentary acquiescence and BBC assistance. The unholy “race-gender-class” trinity overlaps (“intersectionality” they call it), and the second part has been having a good whack lately, but the “class-war” bit is largely yet to come, as Labour Party leaders prepare for Marxian mass-mobilization for when the next crisis of global capitalism hits us.

  2. The Labour Party, for which my grandparents voted all their lives, now appears to have taken on the guise of a Vanguard rather than a Mass party. More concerned with “issues” that have nothing to do with ordinary White Working Class people.

  3. Yes, George, the old England must be destroyed so that the Socalist New Order can be created. I suspect that the more devious Leftists are already working out how Brexit might be enlisted – or subverted – towards this deadly end.

    • The way things are going, I don’t think the Left need do anything at all. The GKN and De La Rue debacles would seem to demonstrate that the Tories only concern is the well-being of bankers cutting deals in the City of London. The rest of the country, our industrial base, our national security can all go to hell. Corbyn need do nothing at all and he is on to a winner.

  4. With respect, I would say the aim of the Left is not that “the England of old must be deconstructed”, but that the England of old must be destroyed.