House of Commons guard calls transexual ‘sir’ instead of ‘miss’. Scotland Yard Acts

Most simple words are spelled out clearly now by anyone on TV or radio, apart from acronyms such as LGBT which you are duty bound to KNOW!
My ears pricked up yesterday 5/3/15, when I heard about an LGBT ‘Study Day’ recently taking place in the House of Commons. Sadly I do know what it means.
Things went sadly awry when two of the ‘trans-activists’ claimed they were ‘misgendered’ by a policeman in the Commons who repeatedly referred to them as ‘Sir’ even when corrected.
The peculiarly named, Anwen Muston, a Labour transgender officer, and Sophia Botha, (I think she might be female) a disability officer for LGBT Labour, were both attending a parliamentary reception hosted by Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt for the launch of Labour’s LGBT schools policy. Yes, as if there is not enough to worry about in British education, Labour is organising an LGBT schools agenda.
According to Muston, when she presented herself at the Cromwell Green entrance to parliament, a security guard addressed her as ‘sir’. The person Muston told Gay Star News: ‘I find this kind of behavior outrageous. As this is Westminster I would have thought all the staff would have had diversity training and be setting an example to other governmental services.’
They have indeed got diversity training in the house, they are red hot on it. The matter has been reported to the Met and they have launched a full investigation. I am old enough to remember when the police really did have better things to do.
– See more at: Gay Star News

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