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On the Radio 4 PM Programme last night I was interested to hear an interview with a whistleblower. He talked at length about what he’d seen as a school teacher in Oxfordshire in 200, where 1400 girls were molested and many raped by Pakistani men, mostly local taxi drivers. I only know that from what I’ve read in the newspapers. The interview managed to mention not once the men involved.

Today I started listening to a radio play on BBC 4 Extra. It was set some time ago, in the north. An old lady, obviously a vicious racist, railed in a very coarse, northern way at a sympathetic local official about all the immigrants pouring in to her area, taking jobs, and she said, molesting local girls. She said they were making the streets unsafe for the women around her. She was well derided. I could picture the official shaking his head as he withdrew from her company, sighing at her recalcitrant, primitive ways.

According to the BBC world view, I think, it’s the only explanation I can work out, large numbers of young white girls were recently raped and trafficked by Pakistani men, but this was nothing to do with racism, because racism can only be practised by white people. That was a view very common in left wing circles from the 1980s onwards, loudly expressed around the time of the Paedophile Information Exchange, which propounded the view that if children wanted to have sex with adults they were entitled to make that ‘life-style choice.’

I think that view has been discredited, the previous folly about racism lingers on, and on.

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